Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bill O’ Liar: America hater….troop hater….fact hater

Bill O’ Reilly has a vendetta against REAL troop supporters like Mark Cuban who actually DO things for the troops while Billo just sends them copies of his stupid-ass book (only if people buy it at DOUBLE the price of most websites) and 20-minute phone cards

by Larry Simons
November 14, 2007

Bill O’ Liar and FIXED News has topped even themselves this time folks. If there had been any doubt in the past that O’ Liar hated America, hated the troops and hated facts, then doubt no more my dear friends. He DOES hate America! He DOES hate troops! He DOES hate facts!

In what seemed like an impossible task, yes my friends, Bill O’ Liar has achieved it…out-lying and under-researching HIMSELF! On Monday’s telecast of the comedy The O’ Reilly Factor, Billo went on a tirade about billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban , who has financed the upcoming Brian DePalma film, "Redacted", a film about the Mahmudiyah killings, the rape, murder, and burning of Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi, a 14-year-old Iraqi girl in March 2006 by U.S. soldiers who also killed her parents and younger sister.

Typical of O’Liar is his constant protest of films he has NEVER SEEN, and without ever seeing them launches an entire campaign to get them banned or boycotted. Billo of course does not stop at just protesting. He has also called for Mark Cuban to be jailed. Billo begins his segment (below) with a straight-out lie saying "even though things are getting BETTER in Iraq…". I guess only a troop-hater that loves seeing troops DIE would say things are getting BETTER since 2007 has been the deadliest year of the war so far. Then O’ Liar says, "some Americans are putting us all in danger because they hate Bush so much". Yet he fails to provide any examples of how any Americans are being put in danger. Who has put America in danger more than George Bush??

Then O’ Liar says the film "Redacted" will incite anti-American hatred throughout the world, but Mark Cuban doesn’t seem to care. Again, O ‘Liar gives NO examples of how this will incite anti-American hatred and naturally fails to mention how America could be hated any more than it already IS by most of the world for it’s failed foreign policies. Who cares about pesky FACTS when you have News Corporation??

Billo then says "I will never sit through a movie that shows American troops raping and murdering a 14 year old girl". So, Billo, are you denying it happened? Or are you saying you just want to block out American atrocities? He’s ok with the actual raping, murdering and burning of the 14 year old girl and her family but if he watches it-----OUTRAGEOUS! And to Billo, you are anti-American if you even SHOW it---even if it ACTUALLY happened!

Then Billo has the nerve to say (to Cuban), "While you are ‘dancing with the stars’ sir, hundreds and thousands of brave military people are risking their lives so you can do the mambo without fear of some terrorist blowing you the hell up". First of all, it’s laugh-out-loud funny that anyone inside of a taping of a TV show would be fearful of a terrorist blowing it up. Second, O’ Liar would have a valid point if this war was about terror. But since sane human beings know the TRUTH, that this war is ONLY about American imperialism and occupation of the middle east so we can control the oil, we can sit back in our chairs and laugh our heads off at O’ Liar’s continual ignorance.

Here’s the REAL hilarious part: Now O’ Liar is asking Dallas Mavericks ticket holders to come to Dallas Maverick games and hold up signs that say "Support The Troops" so "Cuban can get the message". So, O’ Liar, are you saying that Mark Cuban doesn’t support the troops? Hmmmm. Now I’m confused Billo. If Cuban hates the troops, then why did he create the Fallen Patriot Fund in 2003? That sure doesn’t sound like something a troop-hater would do. This was also 4 years ago he began this----WAY before your "Mark Cuban is a troop-hater" tirade! Read the story about the Fallen Patriot Fund:

I’m still confused Billo. If Cuban hates the troops, then why did he give his blessing to a program called "Seats for Soldiers" in 2004? I don’t think a troop-hater would do this either Billo. Read the story on this:

Also Billo, if Mark Cuban hates troops, why would he be involved with the Texas National Guard to have "Greenout night" at the game this coming Thursday against San Antonio? (this was scheduled BEFORE the O’ Reilly protest of the movie)
Read about "Greenout night":

The Texas National Guard will be handing out green shirts that all fans are asked to wear during the game in support of the troops. The shirts also sport the 1-800 # to the National Guard as a recruitment effort. Here are the shirts they will wear:
A troop-hater would do all these things? Seems to me Billo that it’s actually YOU that hates the troops so much, you try to ridicule and smear a REAL troop supporter! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR TROOPS BILLO???????? Send them copies of your STUPID book??? They don’t need or even WANT books. They want SUPPORT. They want to be appreciated! They want to COME HOME! This movie will not make other countries more angry at America than they ALREADY are! This movie will not be used as propaganda. If anything, it will serve as a LOUD, RESOUNDING message to all these fucking Neo-con ASSHOLES who started this ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, UNAUTHORIZED and UNCONSTITUTIONAL war that this fucking war needs to END!!!!! ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Watch Olbermann’s EXCELLENT story on this:

Cuban emailed Olbermann and invited O' Reilly to a discussion about the film "Redacted". I'm sure Billo will turn this invitation down, even though Billo crucifies ANYONE who turns down an invite on HIS show!!!

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