Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ron Paul crushes his opponents in more online debate polls. One “mysteriously” disappears after Paul’s numbers get too high

CNBC claims “technical difficulties” is the reason why online poll in which Ron Paul embarrassed his opponents was “mysteriously gone”

by Larry Simons
October 10, 2007

Chalk up another victory for Ron Paul, as he not only embarrassed his GOP opponents during the actual debate (this, the 8th debate held in Dearborn, Michigan) but, as usual, embarrassed them in online polls. (Some sites say it's the 6th debate only because the mainstream media does not count the 2 debates in which the media's frontrunners [Giuliani, McCain, Thompson and Romney] did not attend)

Here is a brief montage on Ron Paul being brilliant again:

One of the highlights of the debate was when Ron Paul had answered a question on whether a declaration of war is needed from Congress to strike Iran, in which he said, “Absolutely, absolutely..”, and told his GOP opponents to read the Constitution once in a while (which was excellent) also adding that “yes, if there’s an imminent attack on us…” (implying that this is an example of when we might not need a declaration of war to strike a country) …..“we’ve never had that happen in 220 years… (an imminent attack)…this is just war propaganda, continual war propaganda, preparing this nation to go to war and spread this war, not only in Iraq but into Iran unconstitutionally is a road to disaster for us as a nation…” .

After this, Rudy “what would I do without 9/11?” Giuliani, when he was answering a question by Chris Matthews, stopped and added, “..the point, I think it was Congressman Paul made before, that we’ve never had an imminent attack…I don’t know where he was on September 11th..” Paul responded, “that was no country…that was 19 thugs that had nothing to do with a country”. Giuliani then made these ridiculous statements, “I think it was kinda organized in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and if we had known about it, maybe hitting a target there quickly might have helped prevent it. In any event, we’ve had 23 plots since Sept. 11 where Islamic terrorists are planning to kill Americans” (bad English I know, but it was his actual quote)

First of all, tell me Giuliani, how in the hell would we have stopped 9/11 from happening by attacking Pakistan or Afghanistan “quickly” even if we had known about it if the hijackers were HERE in the UNITED STATES since 1996?? Oh, and another thing Rudy, we have NOT had 23 terror plots in the United States since Sept 11. We all know you only said this so you could say “Sept. 11” again. Everytime you mention 9/11 when addressing Ron Paul, you get totally SIZZED.

I think it’s interesting to note here that Ron Paul is correct. An example of an imminent attack that would probably not require a declaration of war from Congress is what we are doing in Iraq right now, invading them. Paul said “we’ve never had that happen in 220 years” referring to the Revolution. Interestingly, and sadly I must point out to Giuliani is that the last war in this country that was authorized by Congress was World War II, a war in which a “9/11 style” attack (Pearl Harbor) triggered us to enter.

Here is an interesting clip by Jim Condit showing the media manipulation of Ron Paul in this debate:

Here are the screen shots from the polls from last night’s debate:

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