Monday, October 22, 2007

Ron Paul chalks up ANOTHER FOX News poll win!

FOX News’ hand-picked, pre-selected crowd boo’s Ron Paul as he mentions the CORRECT % of Americans who want the war over…70%

by Larry Simons
October 22, 2007

Here are highlights of Dr. Paul’s victory. Notice the pre-selected FOX News crowd boo Ron Paul as he mentions the correct percentage of American people who want the war over…70%. Who are these audience members? Rupert Murdoch’s family tree?

Here are the poll results and the Ron Paul interview with Alan “wuss” Colmes and Sean “Ron Paul supporters are stacking the deck” Hannity. Hannity, after drying his eyes, actually gives Ron Paul a pretty fair interview. Did I just say that?


Anonymous said...

Not posting much anymore, are you Larry?

I guess all the bad news hitting you in the face must be taking its toll

The US miltary is kicking ass in Iraq, the US economy rolling along, and Ron Who still about 2% to 4% in the polls

Meanwhile the kook left is dragging down the Reid/Peosi Congress to record low approval ratings

Merry Christmas Larry

Real Truth Online said...

Hmmmmm---wonder why youre posting on an OLD story. This was the LAST debate---MORON. What bad news are you talking about? The bad news of 2 months ago, or TODAY? Yeah, I call 150 more troops that are dead now that wasnt dead two months ago BAD NEWS-----you, on the other hand are doing cartwheels and celebrating their deaths to advance your Neo-con ideologies. If you believe polls in the mainstream media---then youre even dumber than I thought. Yeah, like Ron Paul really is only at 4% when he wins EVERY SINGLE online poll---every poll after a debate----the MAJORITY of the straw polls---has the most contributions from ACTIVE military personnel, has the most hits on YouTube, has the most meet-up groups in the nation---and of course---what the media totally IGNORES---is that he is now #1 in highest contributions TOTAL. Not to mention the SINGLE DAY raising of 4.3 million and the estimated December Boston Tea Party campaign drive of well over $12 million on (I believe) Dec. 16. He also has over 10 million now---just since Nov 5. And of course, the biggest sign that he is a threat is the constant bombardment of smear attempts--by the likes of your Neo-con, America-hating asshole buddies like O' Reilly and Glenn Beck who calls Ron Paul a domestic terrorist---and who can forget McCain's attack at last weeks debate when Paul totally educated him on the meaning of the word "isolationist"----and then of course he tells McCain about himself---NOT McCain--having the highest donations from the military. Say all you want about Democrats--i hate them too. Of course, I keep telling you this, but you continue to mention it like I actually support the Democrats. Its like a knife through your Neo-con heart that I condemn the Democrats TOO, isnt it? Ha ha ha! Military KICKING ASS in Iraq? Oh really---so is that why 2007 is the DEADLIEST year of the war so far? No conspiracy theory there, unless you call the US ARMY conspiratorial---I got that fact off THEIR OWN website! The only thing your posts prove is that you continue to live in denial, ignorance and slavery to the New World Order and its lies. Just because YOU hate liberty doesnt mean EVERYONE hates it asshole. Get your time machine and double back to 1939 Nazi Germany, where you belong you American-hating turd!