Thursday, October 18, 2007

O’ Liar calls Ron Paul a pinhead over remarks Paul made that O’ Liar admitted are TRUE!

A cop, a patriot for doing his job (???). Ron Paul, a pinhead for repeating what O’ Liar said on a previous telecast, which O’ Liar said was TRUE??

by Larry Simons
October 18, 2007

On Wednesday’s telecast of the comedy show The O’ Reilly Factor, during O’ Liar’s Pinheads and Patriots segment, he gives the Patriot award to a cop for pulling a woman from a car sitting on a railroad track. Now we are patriots for simply doing our job! So, all you burger-flippers out there at McDonald’s, when you flip those burgers, you’re a patriot to Bill O’ Reilly. I mean, hell, that’s like fighting for your country, right?

Then, O’ Liar moves on to the pinhead award, which he gives to Ron Paul for mentioning (last week during a question/answer session in D.C.) that when he was on the O’ Reilly show in September 2007, O’ Reilly didn’t want to hear about any history of the United States’ dealings with Iran, which O’ Liar admitted was TRUE! O’ Reilly ADMITTED Ron Paul’s statements were true, and Ron Paul is a pinhead for simply telling a person that asks him a question what happened during the Bill O’ Reilly/Ron Paul interview???

Then, O’ Liar says, “Yes because he was dodging me on the Iran question”. Translation: Ron Paul was giving TOO many facts for Billo to handle, and since Paul wasn’t saying exactly what O’ Liar wanted to hear, then Ron Paul was “dodging the question”. Below are the clips of first, the question/answer session at the Ron Paul speech and the original interview from The Factor in which Ron Paul annihilates Bill “I don’t want to hear anything bad about the United States” O’ Reilly.

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