Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ron Paul owns O' Loofah

Ron Paul wins the debate with Loofah-boy, as evidenced by O'Liar's trademarks of panic: Shouting and cutting people off

by Larry Simons
September 11, 2007

Ron Paul did with O' Liar tonight what he does best and often...win debates. Did anyone catch when as soon as Ron Paul mentions Saudia Arabia, Billo immediately jumps in and cuts him off? Then Billo asks him another question and Ron Paul is immediately cut off again!

I was glad to see Dr. Paul tell Loofah-boy "why don't you let me answer?" Billo's response: "Because you're not answering the question" (TRANSLATION FOR BILLO'S SHEEP: "You're not giving me the answer I WANT TO HEAR")

This is what Ron Paul does best. He gives answers Neo-cons don't want to hear, in other words, he gives them the TRUTH. Notice near the middle of the interview when Ron Paul gives the history of the last 50 years with the United States dealing with Iran, of course, Billo wants no part of the truth and puts up his hands and says, "We don't need the history lesson". (TRANSLATION FOR BILLO'S SHEEP: "You're right, there's no way I can refute that, let's move on")

Then, I LOVE when Billo points out that it's Iran's policy to attack Israel and the US----and since it's NOT policy in Saudia Arabia and Pakistan, that means they are no threat! LOL. If Iran is really the evil country you would LOVE them to be Billo, would they really CARE if it was policy or not to attack?????

My other favorite part is when Billo says "If you think if we get our people out of there, there's not going to be anymore terrorism, then you're living in the dream land!" So, in other words Billo, we are supposed to stay over there until EVERY SINGLE terrorist is dead?? That could take.....uh..let's see......FOREVER?????

Of course, it is just like O 'Liar to get his "facts" wrong about Ron Paul not wanting to go into Afghanistan....typical O' Liar lies. I was glad to see Dr. Paul call him on it. Of course, the BIGGEST lie was O' Liar saying, "We didn't let him (bin Laden) go anywhere, he escaped!" Yeah Billo, bin Laden had to HURRY up and get the hell out of there fast! He only had TWO MONTHS to do it!!!



Anonymous said...

I thibk it was very nice of Bill to put a Presidential candidate who barely registers in the polls, on his top rated show

Now a couple of million people will no longer ask "Ron Who"?

Real Truth Online said...

Oh yeah, you mean the SAME candidate who just CRUSHED everyone in the FOX NEWS poll after the FOX NEWS debate on Sept 5????? You mean that one?? And dont even bother wasting your time saying that the Ron Paul supporters just keep re-dailing over and over like Hannity & Colmes LIED about, because you could only vote ONCE!!! Another thing, if he's so insignificant and low tier---why did he CRUSH Billo during the interview??

Real Truth Online said...

I would advise you to educate yourself before you respond back-----IF you even do reply back!

Anonymous said...

He may have "won" a debate - but his poll numbers are the same as Dennis Kucinich

Why are you so hyper? Do you do thin to anyone who has a differrnt opinion?

2008 will give us Rudy VS Hillary - and a Rudy win

Anonymous said...

I suspect liberals want Ron Paul since he would be so easy for Hillary to beat

Real Truth Online said...

Giuliani??? are you kidding me??? Talk about someone who profitted off of 9-11!! People in NYC HATE HIM! The firefighters union HATE HIM! NO ONE wanted him to speak at ground zero today--------NO ONE!!!