Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The PRODUCTION stops here (in the USA) for O' Liar, hater of America

The Lord of Loofahs boycotts France, but not Honduras, El Salvador, China or India!

by Larry Simons
September 5, 2007

A few weeks ago, and emailer by the name of Bill Green (from Vermont) had this to say to Billo, "Bill, I was about to buy a 'No Bloviating' t-shirt but noticed that they are made in El Salvador." (I’m actually shocked that Billo even included the email on his show, because usually Billo will not even read an email unless he can provide some defense or some ‘sort’ of answer [since he screens emails] ) This was Billo’s answer to Mr. Green:

"...In order to get thousands of shirts that we needed quickly, we had to go out of the country. Most of the stuff is made in the USA, but it's tough to get quality shirts made here fast."

In other words, the mighty dollar supersedes principle. How DARE you Bill O’ Reilly put down America by saying that America doesn’t make quality things! Also, it seems that El Salvador isn’t the only place outside of the United States that Billo has his stupid products made in. But did Billo tell his sheep this? Of course not! That’s why I’m here, to tell you ALL the facts!

For those who just can’t wait another minute (since it has to be “rushed” because of America’s LOW quality) for their stupid Keep It Pithy pens, No Bloviating travel mugs or Spin Stops Here polo shirts, well… they come from CHINA. And those brainwashed dorks that just can’t rest until they have their No Spin tote bags (I’m laughing out loud as I’m typing these stupid products) well…..wait no longer! They will be sent here FAST, and of HIGH quality, straight from INDIA! And for the rest of the sheep, have no fear, especially if you’ve ordered the stupid No Spin woman’s tee shirts, they will be here lickity split from HONDURAS!

Who would wear this dumb SHIT? If you ever see this shirt on me......SHOOT ME, please!

The goons at had this disclaimer on the site… and laugh:

Supporting the US economy is important to Bill O'Reilly and all of us at Therefore, it is always our first choice to offer merchandise made in the USA of 100% USA-made materials. In this age of globalization however, it can be impossible to find, or prohibitively expensive to carry, certain products that are 100% USA-made. As a result, when there is a demand for a product and that demand cannot be met by a 100% USA-made product, will purchase from a supplier that can meet our standards of quality. In those limited instances, we will clearly label such products so you can make your own informed purchase decision.

In other words, Billo, you want your money NOW regardless if it means your dumb products are made HERE. Gee Billo, wouldn’t it be MORE American to say “despite how fast we can meet demand or quality, we will still offer our customers 100% American made products no matter what”??? I mean, I'm SURE people wouldn't mind waiting for their items if they knew it was made here in the good ole USA! I mean, most sheep think they are fighting the "war on terror" by gleefully forking over 2 extra dollars per gallon for gas at the pumps. Point is, when it's AMERICA, people are willing to give that extra effort, go that extra mile, spend that extra cash, wait that extra 2 weeks...right?

Besides Billo, I think you’d sell more items if the slogans/catch phrases on the items reflected your show more accurately. How about “Cut their mic” tee shirts? Or “Shut Up!” tote bags?? Or “I’ll boot you off the set” keychains??

But, you will never see products like these, because Billo, like his products, is a shameless fraud.


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