Thursday, September 13, 2007

O' Liar loves name-calling so much now, he puts the names in segment titles!

Loofah-boy adds new segment to his show....complete with a derogatory name

by Larry Simons
September 13, 2007

Billo really makes this easy for me now. I can do stories on his lies, spin and hypocrisy with less effort than it takes me to cook a falafel. Remember back in May of this year when Billo DENIED that he calls people names every 6.8 seconds according to the Indiana University study?

Now this assface (yes, that's a name....I never denied it) has a SEGMENT on his show called "Pinheads and Patriots". It's a new segment in which he can pinpoint two different people for the respective titles. In other words, a person who is either just as much of an ass as he is, or someone who does something insignificant who will be the "patriot", and someone he hates, usually someone who tells the truth and is SANE, as the "pinhead".

I don't watch Loofah-boy every day, so I don't know (nor do I care) how many people have won the titles so far, but I have seen 2 segments. One day, Daryl Hannah (patriot) for not using foreign oil.....yippie. I guess that puts her up there with Thomas Jefferson. (Besides, what does O' Liar have against foreigners? Doesn't he have EVERY country but America making his stupid merchandise on his website store? Hmmm). The (pinhead) went to Al Franken (you know the guy who CORRECTLY exposed Billo for saying he won PEABODY awards at Inside Edition when it was really POLK awards--and it was AFTER O' Liar left Inside Edition!!!) Apparently, Franken is supported by Rosie O' Donnell (a dissenter, which makes her a TRUE patriot according to Thomas Jefferson) and another truth-teller (about how WTC 7 was brought down with explosives and how we kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis) You know, those pesky FACTS that Billo hates.

Another show was Stephen Colbert (patriot) for selling his signed cast on Ebay and making $17,000 to give to the troops. You know those SAME troops that Billo wants DEAD? Yeah, Billo wants the war to continue for at least another year, even if it means 1,000 more die. Be a patriot yourself Billo! Put on some fatigues and go fight yourself you coward! Send your family over too! Oh, what's that? Chickenshit? That's what I thought. Dennis Kucinich gets the (pinhead) award for telling the TRUTH about America (how we kill innocent Iraqis) on Syrian TV. He chastised Kucinich for saying it in SYRIA and not for keeping it inside our country. Billo, YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL THE TRUTH IN AMERICA! At least Kucinich had an excuse! He wasn't IN America when he said it! WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE???

I think I'll start a new segment on my site. Idiots and Dumbfucks. Hmmmmm, which one will Billo be? Decisions, decisions.

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