Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Fun with Racist Billo and his lies, spin, distortion and deflection

Billo still going nuts over the “conspiracy” of the “far-left” to label him a racist
“Far-left” definition: People who quote Billo directly and accurately

by Larry Simons
September 27, 2007

Our favorite loofah-loving racist is STILL at it. He just doesn’t let embarrassing incidents die. If I woke up in the morning with shit smeared on my face, would I advertise my embarrassment by running frantically through the streets (with the shit still on my face) asking who did it? Of course not. I’d be mad as hell but wouldn’t further embarrass myself. Billo LOVES embarrassing himself over and over and over again. Billo is like a guy who walks into Wal-Mart and pisses on the floor while standing in line waiting for his turkey to be sliced. He loves attention even if it’s NEGATIVE attention.

Billo has to know the world of shit he’s in, yet in his deranged mind, he has no choice to panic and blame the world for his latest racist rantings. It’s not HIS fault….oh nooooooo. It’s CNN’s fault. It’s NBC’s fault. It’s MSNBC’s fault. It’s ABC’s fault. It’s Media Matter’s fault. It’s the guy who pumped his gas’ fault. It’s a big damned conspiracy against Billo!!! Wait a minute. Aren’t the conspiracy people “kooks” Billo?? Ahhh, I see Billo….when it’s a conspiracy against YOU, then it’s valid…then it’s actually happening. Gotcha.

There was a smorgasbord of media coverage last night and today about Racist Billo, so without further adieu, let’s cut through the lies and spin of these clips:

First is a the latest from Real Truth Films, “The Life and Times of Racist Billo” documenting Billo lying about the “conspiracy” against him. He tells a caller on his radio show that it was the far-lefts mission to get “people who don’t know Bill O Reilly” to demonize him because his “ratings are through the roof”. But a week earlier on his radio show, he says all the patrons in Sylvia’s “WATCH THE FACTOR”….in other words…they KNOW him, contradicting Billo’s “left-wing conspiracy to get people who don’t know Billo to demonize him” claim, because one of the “demonizers” is one of the OWNERS of Sylvia’s (who according to Billo, “WATCHES THE FACTOR”) who goes on camera to express her offense at Racist Billo.


Additional clips:

WABC report

TODAY show 9-26

Interesting in this Today show clip is Matt Lauer’s defense of Racist Billo, by saying, “I looked at it and thought O’ Reilly was saying that ‘we should NOT be surprised’ other words, it’s only for the small group of people who look at the entertainment of someone like 50 Cent or a Ludicris and think that represents all of African-Americans…that those people need to get out and live life a little bit…”

The only problem with Matt Lauer’s analysis of this is, that is NOT what Billo said! Billo said he WAS SURPRISED that blacks are the same as other restaurant patrons! This is the COMPLETE opposite of what Lauer says O’ Reilly is saying! Unbelievable!

Morning Joe (MSNBC) (Joe and company are pretty funny here)

CNN (Wolf Blitzer/ Situation Room)

and of course Keith's story on it

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