Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Meigs & Fox News Attempt To Rescue Flagging Official Story On 9/11 Anniversary

Former editor of Video Review and Entertainment Weekly recycles debunked theories to attack 9/11 truth and whore his book

Paul Joseph Watson
September 11, 2007

Fox News introduced their 9/11 anniversary coverage today by promising science would reveal the truth behind 9/11 myths peddled by conspiracy theorists, so their choice to have James Meigs, whose scientific credentials include being a former editor of Entertainment Weekly and Video Review, attempt to debunk those myths was odd to say the least. (Editor’s note: And I might add that Meigs was also editor of Premiere Magazine, where all he did was talk about what actors should win Oscars. Yeah, I guess that qualifies him to run an engineering magazine!)

Meigs appeared on Fox and Friends to whore his "non-partisan" book, Debunking 9/11 Myths, the foreword to which is penned by Neo-Con ideologue John McCain.

Meigs is now whitewasher-in-chief at the military-industrial complex rag Popular Mechanics, which is owned by Hearst Publishing, the progenitor of the term yellow journalism.

Unsurprisingly, Meigs recycled the usual debunked fallacies in an attempt to revive the flagging official story and was not called on any of his lies by the nodding Fox presstitutes.

"What we've done in three years at Popular Mechanics of looking into these theories is try to find the facts that the conspiracy theorists themselves site as evidence of their claims," said Meigs. "In this case they say that because steel melts at about 2,700 degrees and jet fuel only burns at about 1,500 degrees...but when you talk to engineers, what you see is that steel doesn't have to melt to fail."

What Meigs fails to acknowledge is the fact that NIST's own analysis of the WTC steel concluded that temperatures in the impact zone reached no hotter than 600 degrees, according to the Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers.

In addition, NIST reported that, "Only three of the recovered samples of exterior panels reached temperatures in excess of 250 C (482 F) during the fires or after the collapse."

If 250 C was enough heat to weaken most of the steel in the twin towers on 9/11, then our home ovens and fireplaces would be in danger of collapse as soon as we turned them on for the first time.

Photographs taken before the collapse of the towers show people standing in the impact zones where the planes hit. (Below)

Meigs then recycles the pancake theory in an attempt to dismiss the rapid collapse of the twin towers. The pancake theory was debunked by NIST itself after their study found that, "This type of assembly (the WTC steel) was capable of sustaining a large gravity load, without collapsing for a substantial period of time relative to the duration of the fires in any given location on September 11th."

It also violates the fundamental law of physics and the Law of Conservation of Momentum, as Professor Steven Jones outlines in his research paper.

Meigs goes on to claim that falling debris from the towers was enough to topple Building 7, a high rise that stood a hefty 355 feet away from the north tower. Meigs fails to explain why the building collapsed in seven seconds into its own footprint, why first responders were told to evacuate the area because the building was going to be intentionally brought down, why police officers heard bombs tearing down the building and why a top security official who was stationed in WTC 7 witnessed bombs take out the lobby of the building before either WTC tower had collapsed.

Perhaps Fox News should give Meigs his own show, since both Fox and Popular Mechanics pose as "fair and balanced" yet do their level best to lie, smear, obfuscate and bury the truth to please their corporate and war-machine bosses.

They compliment each other perfectly.

Here is an excellent debunking of the August 2007 History Channel hit piece on 9-11 truth. Although this isn’t lengthy enough, it’s covers things pretty well.

Here is most of the outstanding interview radio talk show host Charles Goyette did with Yellow Journalism stooge Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics in August 2006. We can’t stand up to the facts huh? Then why do you fail MISERABLY in this interview Mr. Coburn? And according to Charles Goyette himself, when I spoke to him in September 2006 on the phone, he told me that Davin Coburn canceled the other THREE interviews he had that day! That’s what people who possess the truth do…they cancel interviews and PANIC during the ones they do!

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