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Hannity Lies To Discredit Ron Paul After Debate

Claims "Paulites" flood voted to skew text poll, yet only one vote per phone number was allowed

Paul Joseph Watson
September 6, 2007

Fox News and Sean Hannity tried to discredit Ron Paul last night after the latest debate by claiming the Texas Congressman's runaway success in the subsequent text messaging poll was due to "Paulites" flood voting, when in fact only one vote per phone number was allowed.

Ernest Raposa, a viewer in New Bedford, MA, decided to text in his support for Ron Paul and received a message back stating, "FOX News UVOTE: Thank you for voting! Watch Hannity & Colmes for the results."

"As the show progressed, it became obvious, as we have seen previously, that Ron Paul had the most support, hovering around 33 per cent," writes Raposa. "Around 11:25pm EST Hannity declared that though Ron Paul had DOUBLE the support of the tied for second place Giuliani and Huckabee it was clear that the "Paulites" were simply dialing in over and over again, devaluing his lead."

Aiming to test Hannity's theory, Raposa attempted to text in a second vote for Ron Paul from the same cellphone. He received a message back saying, "You have already voted on tonight's debate. Thank you for your participation."

Only one vote per cellphone was allowed, therefore Hannity's contention that Ron Paul supporters were "were simply dialing in over and over again" was nothing more than a brazen lie intended to dismiss the Congressman's widespread popularity. No one at Fox News bothered to correct Hannity and no retraction was issued.

Here's the nuts and bolts in a You Tube clip.

Debunkers continually claim that Paul's success in text message and internet polls is merely a result of a small group of supporters zealously "spamming" or "flooding" the polls when in fact votes are limited to one per IP address and one per cellphone number.

Such dirty tactics from Neo-Con stooge Hannity and Fox News were merely a continuation of Fox's policy to attack Ron Paul throughout the broadcast.

Despite the fact that the New Hampshire audience broke out in spontaneous wild applause at almost everything the Congressman said, Fox News deliberately boosted the microphones of the other candidates when Paul was speaking, making sure the snickers of Giuliani, Romney and the rest were clearly audible.

Establishment darlings were once again afforded shed loads more time and even nobodies like Huckabee and Brownback got twice the amount of questions compared to the Congressman. Paul got the chance to answer just three direct questions in a 90 minute debate.

Fox News moderators weighed in with glee in an attempt to ruffle, smear and sidetrack Ron Paul. His first question revolved around a purposeful misquote of the Congressman's position on allowing pilots to be armed and it only went downhill from there.

"The second question though revealed the unbelievable bias of Fox News," writes Anthony Wade. "In response to a question about Iraq and troops, Paul reiterated that we needed to pull the troops home, period. He has consistently said that we need to address the entire foreign policy and start protecting our own borders and our own country. In response to the false notion that there would be a “bloodbath” if we just pulled out, Paul quickly reminded everyone that the same people speculating that there would be a bloodbath are the same people who said Iraq would be a “cakewalk” and a “slam dunk.” He then correctly pointed out the faulty logic that says we need to stay for stability when it is widely reported that our presence on the Arabian Peninsula is what prompted the attacks of 911. The response from Chris Wallace was to pose his own follow up question which was, “So you are saying you would take your marching orders from al Qaeda?”

"Are you kidding me? The inherent bias in the question was disgusting during a debate forum and Chris Wallace revealed himself as nothing but a whore for the machine and not a credible newsperson. Thankfully, Dr. Paul was up to the task by responding that he would take his marching orders from the Constitution."

The last question was another manufactured "hypothetical" in which Iran had nukes and was threatening to use them on Israel. Fox News were sure to go to Ron Paul first in order to have the other candidates gang up on him after.
As soon as the debate was over, Giuliani and Hannity were busy attempting to mock Congressman Paul with more sophomoric barbs.

The desperation of the Neo-Cons and the establishment to ridicule Ron Paul again highlights the sheer terror that they are experiencing in light of the fact that a real candidate communicating about real issues is putting the rest of the shills to shame.

By continuing to smear, lie about and dismiss the Congressman, Hannity, Fox and their ilk are nervously praying that they can keep the lid on the Ron Paul Revolution and prevent the Texan from breaking into the vaunted "top tier" and obliterating the bought and paid for competition.

Ron Paul obliterates other GOP candidates and moderators at New Hampshire debate
by Larry Simons
September 6, 2007

I don’t know how it’s possible to keep outdoing previous performances but yet Ron Paul keeps doing just that. In making an attempt to not repeat anything in the story above, I will simply just throw out my 2 cents about last night’s debate. With the exception of the introductory question about Fred Thompson joining the race, Ron Paul had to wait roughly 35 minutes for his first question. He had three major questions asked of him in the entire 90 minute debate.

Amazingly, despite the obvious eclipsing of Ron Paul’s message by the Neo-con bootlickers at FOX News, people see his message and his consistent convictions about the Iraq war, taxes, illegal immigration and Iran and see this message as coming from a candidate who is the real thing. Finally, at last, this country has a candidate who is what we’ve always dreamed of in a Presidential candidate. A person of morals, honesty, a proven and consistent record, and most importantly, a candidate who strives to bring this country back to its Constitutional roots and to follow the rule of law.

Other than the boosting of the microphones technique used by FOX News to amplify the laughter of some of the candidates during Ron Paul's questioning by moderators, they also used the split-screen effect, showing Giuliani giving a stupid grin during Dr. Paul's answers. This was done to aid the viewer into joining Giuliani in snickering in order to discredit Ron Paul.

Chris Wallace, at one point asked Ron Paul why he would seek to eliminate the IRS, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Homeland Security and even the FBI, and how we as a country would gain intelligence of possible threats to our country if these institutions didn't exist. This was another FOX News technique used in order to make Ron Paul appear 'crazy'. What FOX News leaves out, of course, is that nearly all of the institutions named by Wallace are either unconstitutional, corrupt or both. Paul's response, again, was brilliant and once again backfired on Wallace.

How sweet it was to see Sean “Nazi” Hannity say he’s “going crazy” over the fact that on FOX News’s OWN poll, Ron Paul wins yet another debate. Unlike after the last debate when Ron Paul led Romney just by 2 or 3 percentage points and FOX was able to manipulate the numbers in the last 10 minutes of the program to put Romney in the lead, (although as I pointed out in my story after that debate, getting that many votes to move 3 or 4% into the lead would take MUCH longer than 10 minutes since 1 percentage point alone would be approximately 2,000 to 3,000 votes) this time it was Ron Paul receiving 33% of the vote while falling in 2nd place was Huckabee with 18%. Of course, it’s no secret that Ron Paul wins all other polls too. Like this one from MSNBC:

I guess this 15 point percentage gap was too vast to manipulate numbers, so FOX News had to resort to accusing voters of “re-dialing over and over” as even Alan Colmes admitted. Of course, we know that re-dialing is impossible since people were only allowed one vote per cell or IP address. It all boils down to rule #1 in the FOX News playbook: If we don’t like what we hear, we make things up or simply ignore it.

Here is a montage of Congressman Paul’s brilliant performance:

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