Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bush’s war machine: Full steam ahead boys

Gen. Petraeus is the smokescreen for Bush’s REAL plan: To keep his war machine rolling on ad infinitum

by David Simons
September 18, 2007

Once again, the Great Divider, George W. Bush, in his continual attempts to deceive Americans about the purpose and course of the disastrous Iraq War, is cherry-picking intelligence through his military proxy, Gen. David Petraeus. Like the boulder that chases Indiana Jones in the opening sequence of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, Bush relentlessly rolls along, seeking to steamroll his detractors. Like he has done throughout his presidency, Bush ignores and endeavors to discredit those who oppose his blatantly criminal domestic and foreign policies.

I do not fault Gen. Petraeus. He is merely following orders and doing the best he can to achieve a military objective. He is not driven by ideology and maniacal greed, as are the oil barons who occupy key posts in The White House. Petraeus is honestly trying to win this war. Bush couldn’t care less. His goal is to keep his war machine plodding along with the blood of our honorable men and women in uniform fueling each chug and sputter. And, he sacrifices our bravest and brightest for the most shameful reason of all – to pass this debacle off onto the next administration.

No doubt he will then sit in judgment of the new President, pointing a blood-caked finger at each and every misstep and setback. George W. Bush will spend his remaining days in a town called Smirksville, arrogantly defending his failed policies and refusing responsibility for those who died advancing his selfish, crony-rewarding oil war.

President Bush gained the only thing that mattered to him with the Petraeus Report---time. He will use that time to further erode our Constitution as he has all but eradicated the Bill of Rights. And, God help us all if there is another major terror attack. Bush’s emergency response plans for the weeks and months following such an event are top secret. Members of Congress, Democrat and Republican alike and even those who are high-ranking officials of agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security have been denied access to these plans.

You do not need the imagination of a Ray Bradbury to have your skin turn to gooseflesh over this troubling scenario. So, faster than you can say Fahrenheit 451 Bush will be poised to go from cooking books to burning books. And, that I am certain, is just the tip of the iceberg. Can you say police state?

The bottom line is this---once again, we have all been had. I expect the sheep that worship at the altar of FOX News to bleat with approval Bush’s new/old plan for success, just like I expect our ineffectual congress to roll over and play dead. But, those of us who are not motivated by blind allegiance to ideology or do not wish to stand on the sidelines while our great nation crumbles, need to do what they can to oppose these greedy warmongers in office….or we may all be lost.

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Anonymous said...

What i want to know, is what does the Vendetta against Saddam and Iraq have to do with this if anything? Was it true Saddam threatened Bush Sr. and this is one of the major reasons besides oil, that Bush invaded Iraq even though they were not behind the attacks of 9/11. Why are we focusing all of our attention on Iraq who supposibly had no relations with Iran and the Terroist threat?