Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bill O' Reilly: Racist and Fraud (My New Film!)

Watch racist Billo lie, spin, distort, omit and deflect facts... and of course, REFUSE to play the clip of his supposed "inoffensive" remarks! (That were "taken out of context")

Real Truth Films/Larry Simons
September 29, 2007

My new 11 minute expose of Billo's incredible distortion of any kind of truth about the racist remarks he uttered on 9-19-07, combined with new fresh comments (from 9-28-07) of stalking, threats and obsessed behavior about the race issue he claims he doesn't care about.

Billo continues to claim that everyone has taken him out of context, but Billo is AFRAID of his own context, which is why he REFUSES to play the clip on his show. He offers it online knowing the only ones who will listen are his loyal, uninformed, delusional sheep who already pledge blind alliegence to the Sultan of Spin.

It's a BIG DAMNED CONSPIRACY AGAINST BILLO! Conspiracies are only valid to Billo when they are AGAINST HIM. Online polls are only valid to Billo when they SUPPORT HIM. Don't be fooled about the phony AOL online poll asking if Billo's comments are inoffensive. Over 65% of the people who responded watch him sometimes or regularly. Hardly unbiased!

Pop some corn, sit back with the kiddies and watch Billo's mind deteriorate right in front of your eyes.


Ross said...

You really need to get a life. This is the first visit for me to your site, and it is people like you that keep people confused, into the realm of looking for something to wine about. How about listing positive and encourging things about people. Too much negativity in this world. If you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all. Didn't your parents ever teach you that? I understand you don't like O'reilly. Neither do I. I just don't boast off it so I have something to complain about. The list you made of Ron Paul on your page is a good idea. Positive things. That is the only respectable thing about your site. -Ross

Real Truth Online said...

this isnt church Ross---we are losing our country to these Neo-con assholes who PURPOSELY distort and ignore the truth. Me telling the truth IS doing the nice thing. NICE isnt going to win our country back-----ACTION and EXPOSURE is. Your way will work in church----my way will expose these assholes.