Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alex Jones slams un-American Neo-con bootlicking scumbag Gordon Bloyer on Alex’s radio program

Bloyer: Alex Jones and Keith Olbermann should be arrested for treason

by Larry Simons
September 22, 2007

I can’t possibly write a story nearly as good as listening to the actual dialogue between radio host Alex Jones and radio host Gordon Bloyer. Bloyer admits on the air that he agrees with a lot of what Alex says, but that he (Jones) is totally wrong about the purpose or agendas of globalist organizations like the CFR, Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission.

Bloyer then admits things that Alex Jones talks about exist, like the North American Union, but that the United States isn’t joining it. Bloyer also says there will be no Amero. He mistakenly said “Euro”. Alex then plays clips of Bloyer from his radio show saying that Alex Jones and Keith Olbermann should be arrested for “treason”. Bloyer says that Olbermann and Jones “lies” and gives aid and comfort to the enemy. God, I am so sick of hearing this. Funny thing is, Bloyer points out that Olbermann “lies on a daily basis” but yet does not give ONE example.

Alex Jones repeatedly blasts Bloyer point by point, detailing facts about declassified documents and the history of government sponsored terroristic acts. Jones gives Bloyer fact after fact about the Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, Hitler’s attack on his own Reichstag building, and many other issues. Bloyer’s response is like everyone else’s who I have encountered that cannot refute anything said….ad hominem attacks, giggling and just flat out calling Jones a “liar”, despite the fact that Alex Jones blasts Bloyer with fact after fact about issues that have even been in mainstream media outlets.

Not ONCE in the entire interview did Bloyer give ONE example that Alex Jones lies. He gives no news sources, no facts, no examples from media stories…all he does is call Jones a liar and deny what Jones says. It is very clear that Bloyer is just not informed on anything but Neo-con talking points. He even admits several times he hasn’t heard of some of the stories that Alex Jones mentions.

Bloyer then says that waterboarding is not torture, another Neo-con stance. When Jones and Bloyer get into the torture debate, it is very clear that Bloyer has not done ONE minute of research and fact checking on ANYTHING. Then Jones blasts Bloyer for being un-American (which he is) and for not being a real conservative.

Listen to this explosive interview:


Anonymous said...

A classic example of how the brainwashed "patriotic" right wing conservatives do NOT think, read, research, or FACE the facts that are readily available in the public domain. Andrew Meyer was dragged away from a mic. at a public forum, arrested for inciting a riot and tasered for speaking less that 2 min. (with interuptions) everyone needs to read the book he clutched in his hand during the assault Armed Madhouse...talking in public about truth is apparently now punishable by taser.

Real Truth Online said...

theres a part of me that thinks that guy wanted to be arrested so he could be a hit on YouTube (and besides the fact that he kept talking and talking), but I agree with you, in general, you cant even speak in public anymore without being tasered

Puck said...

Gordon Bloyer is running his mouth all over youtube about how he kicked Alex Jones' ass in that segment and I bet he really believes he did. I'll never understand these dickheads like Jas and Bloyer and so many others. Facts are nothing. Ego is everything. If Kerry weren't a robot programmed by David Rockefeller his conscience would have kicked in and would have told those five pigs to let him go. Asking long questions is not a crime. Keep up the great work Larry.

Anonymous said...

imagine that someone argueing and name calling and then declaring victory without even presenting thier point. that wouldnt ever happin at this site?

Robert T said...

This moron Gordon Bloyer is just that! A flipping moron. He has NO facts to back anything he says up. His responses are all the same. #1 It does not exist. #2 It exists but does not mean what is says It means(Although he admits to reading nothing of these groups like the CFR's own documents) #3 You're a liar and should be arrested. That is all that moron has. That dumbo was trying to argue with a guy like Alex Jones( not matter is you hate him) he has spent the better part of 20+ years reading CFR, Trilateral commission, UNSESCO, Bilderberg insider sources and secreted documents, cover to cover and talk about them on air. Plus the fact he had interviewed some very hardcore govt insider whistleblowers and military intelligence people for the last 20+ years. What has this Gordon Bloyer ever researched to it's fullest? That is right! NOTHING! There is a reason famous so-called conservatives will not come on his radio program. That reason is that Alex Jones will challenge them to become a real conservative and quit being a lying front for the Rhino establishment republicans. That idiot Gordon Bloyer could not even get 400 subscribers or even 365,000 video views on his YouTube channel since 2007. The Alex Jones channel has since 2008, about to break the 800,000 subscriber barrier and pushing over 378 Million video views. Fact of the matter is that conservative talk radio want Alex Jones so bad it's pathetic but Alex Jones will not play establishment republican talking points ball like those other so-called conservative radio programs. The guy has his own growing network entirely self funded with listeners all over the world and his nightly news programs run on TV all over Europe and in the USA satellite systems and Inforwars about to go big time in to live nightly news on cable TV. The Leftists Obamabots and the Neocon establishment republicans like Gordon Bloyer hate Alex Jones because they are dam scared because Infowars & Alex Jones is having such a HUGE affect now. He has been blowing the false left/right paradigm and they hate him for it!