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Pro War Ads Falsely Link 9/11 To Iraq

Neo-con riddled "Nonprofit corporation" Pumps out misleading propaganda

Steve Watson
August 23, 2007

A newly formed non-profit organization made up of former Bush administration officials is to spend $15 million to run pro-war television and radio ads in more than 20 states which falsely link the 9/11 attacks to the war in Iraq in an effort to strong arm Congress into withdrawing support for a de-escalation.

According to its own press release the group, Freedom's Watch, will run the ads as of today and feature an 800-number for the public to call their representatives and urge them "not to surrender to terror".

One of the founding board members for the group is former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. In addition Freedom's Watch chairman Bradley A. Blakeman was a member of the White House senior staff during President Bush's first term. According to the Politico, the group's board is also riddled with former Bush officials, as is its list of major donors.

According to its website the organization is "dedicated to educating individuals about and advancing public policies that protect America's interests at home and abroad, foster economic prosperity, and strengthen families."

Through outreach and education, communications to key members of Congress, and bold public awareness initiatives, Freedom's Watch is fighting for what's right in America. We welcome all those who share our values to join our efforts." The diatribe continues.

Though it claims to be "fighting for what is right", the group seems to have no problem producing intentionally misleading propaganda.

The first ad to be aired by the group features Sgt. John Kriesel, a veteran who lost both legs in the war, relating to viewers that he "re-enlisted after 9/11" because "They attacked us, and they will again."

As Kriesel describes his story, a picture of the burning World Trade Center with United Airlines Flight 175 approaching its target appears. "They won't stop in Iraq. We are winning on the ground. ... It's no time to quit; it's no time for politics." Kriesel concludes.

Watch the propaganda:

The fact that there has never at any point been any intelligence whatsoever supporting any links between 9/11, Al Qaeda and Iraq seems not to matter to Freedom's Watch.

As reported by the NY Times in 2003, "The chairman of the monitoring group appointed by the United Nations Security Council to track Al Qaeda told reporters that his team had found no evidence linking Al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein" [6/27/03]. Similarly, even the 9/11 commission report undercuts claims before the war that Hussein had links to Al Qaeda.

Fast forward to April 2007 and even the Pentagon dismissed any link between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

Maybe this is just one man's story though and the next ad will steer clear of the tenuous link.

Not on your life.

The second ad features Laura Youngblood, widow to Travis Youngblood, a Navy petty officer, who died in Iraq in 2005 as the result of a roadside bombing. Why was Mrs Youngblood chosen for the ad? See for yourself:

"I lost two family members to al Qaeda," she says, "my uncle, a firefighter, on 9/11, and my husband, Travis, in Iraq."

Again this represents a blatant and untruthful attempt to conflate 9/11 with the war in Iraq.

A third Freedom's Watch ad which also draws on 9/11 and confirms beyond doubt this agenda:

The blatant attempt to use 9/11 as an excuse to prolong the war in Iraq and link the two is shameful and it comes as no surprise to see former Neocon stalwarts pumping money into such propaganda.

Indeed it was during Bush's re-election campaign in 2004 that some families of the victims of the attacks were furious with commercials using images from 9/11 which were used to advertise Bush administration public policy and the war on terror.

The Freedom's Watch advertisements are extremely misleading and constitute a disgraceful insult to the victims of both 9/11 and the war in Iraq and should be withdrawn from the air with immediate effect.

by Larry Simons

Hmmmm. Here’s Bush saying something completely different. Bad memory? Compulsive liar? Both? Bush admits in this clip that 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. Maybe the people in the clips above should have a long talk with Bush and Cheney, since they butt heads on this issue.

Hmmmm, here’s Cheney admitting no Iraq/9-11 connection either!:

I find it laugh out loud funny that Cheney attempts to spin this issue with Tim Russert in the above clip. Russert correctly points out that the administration has clearly misled the American people by linking al Qaeda with Iraq, thus tricking Americans into believing that if we attacked Iraq, we’d be going after the very people that attacked us on 9-11.

Cheney spins this by suggesting that there are two different issues here. First issue: Iraq and 9-11 connection, NO evidence, Cheney admits. Second issue: Iraq and al Qaeda connection, Cheney says there was testimony by George Tenet there was a connection. Russert interrupts and correctly states that the Senate Intel Committee said there was NO Iraq/al Qaeda connection. Then the third issue was that Iraq had had a long history of sponsoring terror. Yeah, DICK, along with 20 or 30 OTHER countries that we DIDN’T attack, one in which (that sponsors terror) is Saudi Arabia! You know, the country that actually produced 15 of the 19 hijackers who DID attack us! But, are we in Saudi Arabia? Nahhhhh, why go there?

These ads are a joke and I would love to think Americans are smarter now than they were 4 years ago and they are not buying this bullshit propaganda anymore.

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