Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jon Stewart unearths an accurate Dick Cheney

Unfortunately, you have to go back to 1994 to find Cheney being right about something

by Larry Simons
August 16, 2007

An old tape recently unearthed from 1994 shows Dick Cheney being……(you may want to sit down before I say this)……..CORRECT about Iraq!!!!!

Jon Stewart talks to Stephen Hayes, the author of a new book about Cheney, and is dead on correct about everything, while Hayes stumbles for words. Also, in the clip, Stewart makes reference to asshole John Gibson's mocking of Stewart a few days ago on Gibson's radio show when Stewart is explaining to Hayes how dissenting and criticizing Bush and Cheney's foreign policies makes others (namely FOX News) portray him as a traitor.

Here’s the clip:
C:\Documents and Settings\Larry\Desktop\TDS-Hayes-Cheney.wmv

Earlier in the show Stewart did a hilarious segment called, “Even Dick don’t know Dick” in which he showed a clip of Dick Cheney from 1994 telling us all that going into Iraq would be a mistake and a “quagmire”. My sides almost burst at the end of the clip when Jon Stewart says, “at least this finally explains what Cheney keeps in that man-sized safe……HIMSELF from 1994!” Classic, classic stuff.

Here’s the clip. Enjoy!:
C:\Documents and Settings\Larry\Desktop\TDS-Cheney-1994.wmv

Supporters of Cheney, including Hayes, argues that the reason why Cheney was right about not going into Iraq in 1994 and he’s right NOW that we are in Iraq is because “things changed after 9/11”, despite Cheney ADMITTING on Meet The Press on Sept. 10, 2006 that “we’ve never been able to confirm any connection between Iraq and 9/11”.

Here’s the clip of Cheney ADMITTING no 9-11/Iraq connection……which in essence is admittance that he is wrong about Iraq NOW.

Sooooooo, how is it that Cheney is right about Iraq now if he admits no 9-11/ Iraq connection if supporters argue that “things changed after 9/11??????”

Anyone have an answer for that???


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