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Ground Zero Building Catches Fire, Doesn't Collapse

Supporters of official conspiracy theory now have to rewrite their defense; have argued for 6 years now that only reason Deutsche building didn't collapse on 9/11 was because of no fire
August 18, 2007

The 40 story Deutsche Bank building next to the ground zero site in New York, where the world trade center once stood, caught fire yesterday and burned intensely for seven hours without collapsing.

This represents another modern day miracle in light of the commonly accepted premise that since 9/11, all steel buildings that suffer limited fire damage implode within two hours. This building had even suffered structural damage on 9/11 and had been partially dismantled.

The raging fire, which killed two firefighters, was finally declared under control late saturday afternoon, a full seven hours after it had begun to burn.

On 9/11 the south tower of the WTC burned for just 56 minutes before collapsing, while the north tower lasted around an hour and 45 minutes. According to the official transcripts of the firefighter tapes, fires in both towers were almost out immediately before the collapses.

The Deutsche Building on 9/11. No fire present but substantial damage. The Deutsche Building was right up next to the South tower but didn’t catch fire, but WTC 7 was farther away from the towers but did catch fire. The fire on Aug 18, 2007 now prompts the question: Why no collapse?

The saving grace that could have prevented Deutsche Bank from imploding may have been the fact that it was not hit by a plane, as the twin towers were on 9/11.

However, the absence of a jet strike wasn't enough to prevent WTC 7 from crumbling into its own footprint within 7 seconds later that fateful afternoon.

Hundreds of buildings worldwide suffered major fires that gutted the entire facade of their structure before 9/11 and did not collapse, but since the twin towers behaved differently, rather than consider an alternative explanation for the collapse of the towers, experts simply decided to reverse the fundamental precepts of all known physics to make it easier for everyone to understand.

Since that time, it has been commonly accepted that limited fires in tall buildings are 99% certain to cause an almost instantaneous collapse.

More pictures and an AP report on the latest blaze follow.

Watch the videos:

Firefighters Die in Blaze by Ground Zero
Verena Dobnik, Associated Press

NEW YORK - A seven-alarm fire ripped through an abandoned skyscraper next to ground zero in Lower Manhattan Saturday, killing two firefighters who were responding to the blaze.

Officers at the scene were preventing nearby residents from returning to their homes, telling them that authorities were concerned the former Deutsche Bank office building, vacant since the 2001 terrorist attacks turned it into a toxic nightmare, could fall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that fear turned out to be unfounded.

The plume of gray smoke that trailed above the site of the World Trade Center raised concerns that toxic substances in the building could be spreading.

Bloomberg sought to reassure residents that the chemicals in the building likely did not present a significant health risk, saying air-quality tests so far showed no danger.

"Having said that, we are extremely careful. We don't want to prejudge anything," the mayor added. Tests were to continue overnight, he said.
One of the firefighters killed was identified as Joseph Graffagnino, 34, of Brooklyn. He was a member of Ladder 5, which lost 11 members on Sept. 11, 2001.

"Today's events really are another cruel blow to our city and to our fire department," Bloomberg said. He said the fire had "expanded our loss."

Also killed was Robert Beddia, 53, of Staten Island. Bloomberg said both firefighters had become trapped, inhaled a great deal of smoke and gone into cardiac arrest.

Five or six other firefighters were taken to a hospital but were expected to be released, Bloomberg said. No civilians were hurt.

Construction crews had already dismantled 14 of the building's 40 stories -- reaching the 26th floor on Tuesday. Some firefighters used stairs to reach the burning upper floors of the building, just steps from where 343 firefighters lost their lives in the 2001 terror attacks.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known. Smoke pouring from the burning building was visible from midtown Manhattan and the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Fire officials declared the blaze under control late Saturday.

The acrid smell of smoke, which hung over the neighborhood for days after Sept. 11, returned to lower Manhattan along with the wail of emergency vehicles. More than five dozen fire vehicles, with more than 270 firefighters, responded to the blaze as pieces of burning debris fell from the building to the streets.

Residents said they weren't allowed home even to rescue their pets.

"We heard this crackling," said Elizabeth Hughes, who saw the fire start from her rooftop deck across from the tower. "And then a huge fire that went up three floors fast. It was massive. ... Oh my God! I can't even go in and get my cats."

By late Saturday evening, nearby residents who had been evacuated were told they could return.

The 1.4-million square foot office tower was contaminated with toxic dust and debris after the World Trade Center's south tower collapsed into it. Bloomberg said the chemicals in the building did not present a significant health risk.

Efforts to dismantle it were halted by a labor dispute last year, along with the ongoing search for the remains of attack victims.

City officials announced in June they had completed recovery efforts at the structure. More than 700 human remains were found at the site.

Errol Cockfield, a spokesman for the Empire State Development Corp., which is overseeing redevelopment at ground zero, said authorities were investigating whether the smoke at the scene could pose any environmental danger.

by Larry Simons

Just to point out a few things as illustrated by the following photos. First of all, let's take a look at the distances between the South tower and the Deutsche Building (Bankers Trust) and the North tower and WTC 7. You will see that there is substantially a greater distance between WTC 7 and the North tower, making it less plausible that enough debris would have hit WTC 7 in order to make it eventually collapse. Whereas, Bankers Trust is practically rubbing against the South tower, yet no collapse resulted with Bankers Trust.

Image 18 is Bankers Trust and image 5 is WTC 7

Here is yet another diagram of the World Trade Center complex. Also, this shows at a better view the incredible gouge taken out of Bankers Trust on 9-11, yet no collapse. Remember, it was the combination of the debris hitting it, the gouge taken from the building and the fires that we are told WTC 7 collapsed.

The following photo has been used by supporters of the official conspiracy theory to show what helped WTC 7 to collapse, namely, the gouge taken from the lower part of WTC 7. Yet, look (above) at the giant gouge taken from Bankers Trust on 9-11. This didn't seem to be enough to make it collapse to the ground.

Here is another famous building with a MAJOR chunk out of it, yet no collapse.

Does anyone remember the federal building in Oklahoma City collapsing?

The following photo has also been used by those who support the official fairy tale to suggest that the amount of smoke pouring from WTC 7 was obviously the result of massive fires in the building. After all, you can't get smoke without fire, right? But yet, in NONE of the photos of WTC 7 showing smoke billowing from it do we see any fire (well, any massive fires, which is what it would require for massive amounts of smoke to gush from it)

The large amounts of smoke pouring from WTC 7 without visible fires could possibly be explained by the fact that the smoke wasn't coming from WTC 7. Could they have been coming from WTC 5? Here is a photo that is rarely if ever shown. Notice the smoke pouring from the roof of WTC 5 and going in the direction of WTC 7, giving the appearance that the smoke's origin is WTC 7.

Notice WTC 7 on the left of the photo (WTC 5 was fully ablaze after the collapses of the twin towers)

Now, yesterday, we had strong fires in Bankers Trust, and yet no collapse, even on top of the fact that the building is currently being deconstructed and they have done no repairs to it since 9-11 because of the deconstruction. Point being, it is more fragile than WTC 7 was at the time it was first hit by debris or caught on fire. It will be very interesting to see how the official conspiracy theorists rewrite this one.


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