Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FOX News’s John Gibson agrees with columnist Stu Bykofsky that another 9/11 is needed

Gibson also disgracefully mocks Jon Stewart’s on-air reaction to 9/11

by Larry Simons
August 15, 2007

In an unbelievable on-air segment of John Gibson’s radio show, Gibson blatantly and without question, agreed with columnist Stu Bykofsky’s article stating that another 9-11 is needed in order for Americans to hold hands again in the spirit of patriotism and compassion for each other, as was shown in the days and months following 9-11-01.

A caller calls in to Gibson’s radio show and agrees with Stu Bykofsky’s premise that what is missing in America now is the self-sacrifice for fellow Americans that was initiated in the wake of 9-11. The caller adds that Americans only think of “me, me, me” and that Americans have forgotten that feeling we had the day after 9-11. In essence, without actually coming out and admitting that we need another 9-11, the caller obviously agrees with the same reasoning in which Bykofsky wrote the article and called for a new 9-11.

Neo-con slug Gibson chimes in with this remark after the caller was finished, “…we found the one guy in Madison (Wisconsin) who’s sensible” Then Gibson’s executive producer, “Angry Rich” says, “Do you remember what the media was like after 9-11?” Then Gibson mentions Jon Stewart immediately, “Ahhh, Jon Stewart sobbing?” Then, Gibson proceeds to play the audio of Jon Stewart’s on-air reaction to 9-11 from September 20, 2001, where Stewart broke down and cried on the air. Gibson and his exec. producer then proceeded to mock Stewart’s every remark as the audio clip played.

Listen to the audio:

One has to ask, what Earthly reason would someone do this? What did Jon Stewart have to do with this caller calling in to Gibson’s radio show? Why play a clip and MOCK someone who was actually sad and shaken up over 9-11? There was absolutely NO reason for this other than to be the biggest ASSHOLE on planet Earth. Remember when Imus was burnt at the stake for saying “nappy-headed ho’s”? One of the most frequent remarks I heard people say in condemning Imus was, “There was no reason to attack these girls, they did nothing to Imus to warrant that”. Well, Gibson, you chicken-shit punk….I have the same question for YOU! What did Jon Stewart do to warrant this attack?

Oh, I think the end of the clip gives us the answer. Gibson’s exec. producer says this, “Let me bash Bush for the next 6 years” (implying that’s what Jon Stewart does) Well, he’s right. Jon Stewart DOES bash Bush. So do the MAJORITY of the mainstream media and 73% of this country! Geeeeee, what the hell is wrong with all of us? Could it be that ON 9-11 we had no idea that Bush would use 9-11 as his excuse for unconstitutionally and illegally attacking countries that did NOTHING to us? Could it be that ON 9-11 we had no idea that we’d eventually find mountains of evidence that suggests the Bush administration at the very least ALLOWED 9-11 to happen and at the very most ORCHESTRATED it?

What people like this caller and Gibson fail to mention is that on 9-11 we actually thought bad people attacked us and that we had to stand together as a nation to retaliate against those who did this act of evil to us. Well, here we are, 6 years later, and we have no Bin Laden. We have found out we have been LIED to about why we went to Iraq. First, there were WMD’s, then we had to make Iraq a democracy, then we had to get that bastard Saddam because he was connected to 9-11. Well, now we know all those reasons are total bullshit and we aren’t supposed to bash Bush?

It’s people like Gibson that are in the minority. He’s another Neo-con piece of shit that works for the biggest mouthpiece of the Bush administration...FIXED News. What else is he supposed to say? Bush also had a 90% approval rating following 9-11 because, well, that’s what usually happens after a national tragedy. Regardless of what the truth really is, Americans will tend to support our leaders in the hopes they will do the right, justifiable, moral thing. This has not been what has happened in the past 6 years. We have been lied to, betrayed by our leaders, and have been subjected to leaders and other politicians that ignore our Constitution and work diligently at stripping away our rights.

These so-called “leaders” claim they hate terrorism, yet they leave the borders wide open, attack the wrong people and say (out loud) that they “don’t care about Bin Laden” and then even close the Bin Laden unit at the CIA. And we’re not supposed to bash them???? We have sat back for nearly 5 years now and watched 3,600 Americans die as the result of an illegal, undeclared war. We have learned that over 600,000 innocent Iraqis have died as the result of our occupation of a country that did nothing to us. Our President breaks law after law and continually commits acts of treason, and mixed with that, we have to sit back and listen to these Neo-con, Constitution-haters spew this bullshit that WE hate America?? And then, NOTHING happens to them? Please Gibson, stop saying “we need another 9-11” and start saying “nappy-headed ho’s” so we can get your ass off the air.

Apparently, someone needs to give John Gibson a little history lesson. Someone read this dipshit some quotes from some our greatest Presidents:

“That we are to stand behind the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public” (Theodore Roosevelt)

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” (Thomas Jefferson)

Here is Jon Stewart’s 9/11 reaction:

This was enough to win John “Albino” Gibson the coveted Worst Person in the World on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Watch and enjoy!

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