Saturday, July 28, 2007

O’ Liar cuts the mic of one of his OWN analysts!

Jane Hall gets just a tad too truthful about hate speech on Billo’s OWN website, so he CUTS HER MIC!

by Larry Simons
July 28, 2007

O’ Liar should have stopped this ridiculous crusade he has against the DailyKos while he was ahead. Ok….he was never ahead, I take that back. Ok, he should have stopped before his own guests and news analysts completely embarrassed him on the air and had to be subjected to become the newest members of the “cut the mic” club. This list grows each year as more and more guests have come on O’ Liar’s show and have stood up to the Lord of Loofahs and his endless stream of lies and spin.

On Tuesday night’s installment of The No Fact Zone, Billo had Hillary Clinton’s Communications director Howard Wolfson on the show and they were discussing Wolfson’s support for the DailyKos. Here’s part of the exchange:

O’REILLY: Every respectable blog in the country does not permit this hatred…..

WOLFSON: Bill, even your website has things on it that you would find objectionable.

O’REILLY: That’s bull. Look, we know what you’re going to say because the Kos planted someone in there. But when we see objectionable things, we take it off immediately. They traffic in it.

Here’s the clip:

(click above for picture)

Note above that this blogger has posted over 1,000 posts on O’ Liar’s site. This means simply that the blogger isn’t new, nor did they come on O’ Liar’s site just to pose as a member or hijack the blog thread (as O’ Liar claimed on a previous show) It’s a regular member, and Billo is SIZZED again!

On Wednesday’s No Fact Zone, O’ Liar has his two favorite goons on, Bernard Goldberg and Jane Hall. Jane Hall is usually pretty soft with taking a stand against the Big Giant Head, but she did well this time, pointing out Billo’s hypocrisy of smearing the DailyKos, but not having comments removed from HIS OWN WEBSITE that were hateful.

Billo called her a liar and did what he does best, tries to talk over her so she can’t be heard and then signals (off camera) to have her mic cut while the screen shows shots of Billo’s website---but NOT showing the comment threads that I have posted below. Hmmm, I wonder why this wasn’t shown! Hmmmmmmmmm. Good job Jane---it’s about time you made Loofahboy panic and run to his screen graphics to block out him signaling to his crew to get Jane’s mic cut. He very well couldn’t do this in the open, not to a paid news contributor!

(click for pictures above)

Let’s watch!:

Threatening the life of a Presidential Candidate…yeah Billo, you’re right---I guess that’s not hateful!

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