Thursday, June 21, 2007

Olbermann exposes the idiocy and hypocrisy of Billo….AGAIN!

by Larry Simons
June 20, 2007

Billo is at it again…more lies and hypocrisy. This time about NBC actually giving time and more coverage to a story about the deaths of 7 Afghan kids killed in a U.S. air strike than any other station. Here’s what O’Liar had to say on his show.

“Last night, all three networks reported 7 Afghan children were killed in fighting between the Taliban and U.S. forces. ABC spent 15 seconds on the story….CBS, 10 seconds, but NBC news gave it a full 2 minutes. Dead Afghan kids killed in an American air strike? NBC news is jazzed”.

How dare those bastards at NBC for spending time on a story where if it was a story on the deaths of AMERICAN children by the enemy, Billo would have talked about it for 2 weeks straight and showed clips repeatedly.

As Keith pointed out, “He (O’ Reilly) also claims that he brings his listeners and viewers stuff that is new, stuff that is relevant to your life." Here is a list of news that Billo has recently decided is more important than the hell and reality of war. All these stories (sadly) have been on O’ Reilly’s show just in the past week.

More important than war, our troops or dead Afghan children (according to Billo) are:

*The dangerous threat of BEARS (hold on, I hear a noise outside, maybe it's one of those man-eating bears I see outside my door on a daily basis--lol)

*Blocking the rock group The Monkees from induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

*Body language expert analyzing Rosie O’ Donnell

*A study on having sex in your sleep (Bill loves these sex segments...just ask Andrea Mackris)

*Asking about the film “Smokey & the Bandit” during his culture quiz segment

*Promoting stupid merchandise like his “spin stops here” pens (oh brother!) (what about the "Culture Warrior" loofahs? lol)

Keith also explains that Billo once AGAIN has facts about the WWII era wrong….AGAIN, saying this:

“In a more serious aspect to all of this, Bill-O also got the Second World War wrong again. You will remember his insistence that the slaughtered American prisoners at Malmedy at the start of the Battle of the Bulge were actually war criminals who had murdered German prisoners.

Now, to rationalize criticizing actual news organizations for showing actual news, he‘s bulldozed over the facts of the greatest generation yet again. “What about President Roosevelt setting up the Office of War Information in 1942?,” he asked, “which censored, among other things, the results of enemy action and American casualty lists. Roosevelt did that to prevent the erosion of morale here in America.”

Actually, the OWI, under the leadership of the very liberal former CBS News man named Elmer Davis, was responsible not for censorship, but for patriotic posters and radio broadcasts and warnings to the public about accidental revelation of war secrets. Loose lips sink ships. And eventually it created the Voice of America.

Censorship, the decision not to show the results of enemy action, like American dead, was actually discontinued during the Second World War when President Roosevelt himself decided that keeping such information secret was keeping Americans at home from realizing how serious, how vital the war was, that censorship was eroding morale here in America. Famously, Roosevelt personally lifted the ban on publishing photographs of dead American servicemen, and “Life Magazine” printed an astounding photo, the first of U.S. casualties engulfed in the sands and maggots of the beaches at Buna, New Guinea. So, Bill O‘Reilly‘s reporting lives up to its usual 27 percent standards.”

Arianna Huffington was Keith’s guest and she made a GREAT point when she said, “But the ultimate contradiction for me is when Bill O‘Reilly, again and again, criticizes those of us who are opposed to the war as being unpatriotic and not supporting the troops. But he thinks that he is supporting the troops by ignoring their deaths, by ignoring their ultimate sacrifice. I have no idea how he can justify that. I wonder is anyone holding him accountable.”

To see this hottie scortch Billo and call him out on his hypocrisy and lies is hot to watch---wow.

Watch the clip to witness for yourself a montage of “news” that Billo has delivered to his sheep (just in the past week). I call this, ‘The news according to Billo and other delusions and made up ‘facts’”


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this is a GREAT story Larry----and that Jas is a total asshole----he's sheeple who is hooked up to the FOX News I.V.