Sunday, June 17, 2007

O' Reilly, a NON-factor in Mets clubhouse

The big giant head gets his big ass booted from the NY Mets clubhouse, complains. Keith Olbermann gets to stay.

Roger Rubin
NY Daily News
June 17, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's right-wing politics may rub a lot of people the wrong way in New York, but his views had nothing to do with his ejection from the Mets' clubhouse yesterday before their game against the Yankees at the Stadium.

O'Reilly, the FoxNews Channel talking head, got inside the visitors' clubhouse before Stadium security realized that he was not wearing a credential granting clubhouse access. He and his party then were escorted out of the room.

According to a reporter from The Record of Hackensack (N.J.), the Big Righty complained to the security officer, "You don't have to escort us out - we're going."

Coincidentally, If there is some irony surrounding the incident, it's that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann was in the Mets' clubhouse before Friday night's game. Olbermann hosts the left-leaning "Countdown" on MSNBC and he and O'Reilly have frequently exchanged barbs on their respective programs.

Olbermann, a regular at both New York baseball stadiums and a former ESPN anchorman, was granted clubhouse access because of his sports background and regular attendance, not because of his politics.

O'Reilly may not have gotten to chum around with the Mets but - as always - his voice got heard. After exiting the clubhouse he went to the field, where the Yankees were taking batting practice. There, he was seen chatting with Joe Torre and GM Brian Cashman.

by Larry Simons

It is also interesting to note that I received from another source that Olbermann was actually at the same game O’ Reilly was at. Olbermann was allowed to stay, but O’ Reilly had to go. It is also interesting to note that The New York Mets is the very team in which Bill O’ Reilly tried out for in the early 70’s, unsuccessfully, of course. It seems the Mets just doesn’t want this guy around whether he’s famous or not!

I’m sure this embarrassing moment for Billo won’t make it on the Factor on Monday.

Could it be grounds for Billo to call up these guys???? LOL

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