Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flight 77: The Flight Data Recorder Investigation Files

by Larry Simons
June 18, 2007

Calum Douglas presents his investigation into the flight data recorder from Flight 77, which was supplied to him under the US Freedom of Information Act, to an audience at the Indian YMCA in Fitzroy Square, London on 8th June 2007.

This is amazing! I know, I know, you “official conspiracy” people won’t even watch this because it’s much easier attacking people and calling them “nuts” when you don’t have to look into facts. Even if you DO watch this, you will watch for 5 minutes and claim you were bored and say “what did it prove?” Yeah, that’s right…sit back and be the “true American” you CLAIM to be and spend more time watching a baseball game than someone who can practically prove our own government is covering up killing over 3,000 people on 9/11.

The part near the end where the guy calls the NTSB and the FBI and they act like they’re bored with this guys’ questions about the flight path of Flight 77….information that they KNOW about, is pretty revealing and obvious they know more than they will admit. Instead of being concerned about the callers questions and information, they seem more interested in investigating HIM by asking for his personal information! Unbelievable! It’s Nazi Germany people…..just without the swastikas.

For those of you who actually care about truth, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

"Vendetta" lol, appropriate name for someone who's life is based on fairy tales and comic book nonsense. Do you wear a mask too? What a load of crap is this liberal garbage. Worse yet you think our government orchestrated 9/11. You're the America-hating loser in comparing our country to Nazi Germany. No wonder Herald Mail gives you the boot.

Real Truth Online said...

LOL-----its Jas under one of his 16 monikers! You dont even have the balls to keep the same name, let alone to answer questions about 9/11. You have to be Jas, how else would you know about my Herald Mail name? Yep, I hate America because I question my government----which is EXACTLY what our founding fathers WANTED us to do. Youre the one living in Nazi Germany, because your fascist ass ACCEPTS everything your gov't tells you. Youre a COWARD! Thats why you show up under different names---so when I ask "Jas" (which is YOU) questions, you come on under a different name so you can claim you as "Jas" never saw the question----god, if that isnt the EPITOME of being a fucking coward, I dont know what is. So, since youre not fooling me---Ill ask AGAIN (is this the 25th time now?) WHEN WILL I GET A DEBATE? WHEN WILL YOU MEET ME TO DISCUSS THE FACTS? Im guessing NEVER since your pussy ass keeps avoiding the question. Man, your wife and kids must be proud, that they have a fucking COWARD as a father and husband. A COWARD til the end. Oh and by the way JAS, Herald Mail deleted YOUR comment too! Ha!

puck said...

Hey Larry,

Another good find. Bravo!

Hey I know your herald-mail name and I'm not Jas.

You know, I don't think that Jas would call anything liberal garbage.

He's a total liberal. In fact, I've read some meaningful things he's written in the herald website, even if he is a rude dickhead.

But I'm sure that you've met many other intelligent people that just can't open their minds to 911 truth. But those people aren't all the same. There are levels of denial.

Obviously, there are the architechts of the largest mass murder on American soil. These people will most certainly cling to the official story.

There is another group that no matter how much evidense that you have, they will cling to the official story. I don't think it's because they are all stupid. It's more of a stubborness. They just won't look at evidense. They will call you crazy, unpatriotic, off your meds, etc.

Ok, some of them are stupid. Way too fuckin' many too. But I don't think that you can do anything for them.

Some people just can't look for truth because it scares the piss out of them. All my life I've been taught that the USA is the greatest nation on Earth. We always and only fight the good fight. God is on our side. I believed that for a long time too. But leaving that mindset is scary. But it's safe and warm inside a kindler gentler nation they are brainwashed into believing.

There are I'm sure some other people who know that 911 was an inside job, but there afraid of stigma of "conspiracy theorist". I wish those people would grow some balls before the next attack on the constitution.

I would love to see more debates on the issue of 911 truth. Maybe one of these offical story ass kissers will do their research and debate, but chances are if they do their research, they will debate on our side.

Thank you so much for all the research.

Real Truth Online said...

puck, i appreciate the support and your search for the truth----youre a true patriot---unlike the lazy mother fuckers of the world like Jas---Mr. "I wont do any research because Im fucking lazy". I did a story on levels of denial a few months back----ill find it-----heres the link:


its dated March 2nd---pretty damned good article. Thanks again

jas said...

Har Har, sorry Larry errr, "vendetta", I'm not afraid to post my name on your site or Herald Mail's unlike yourself who now goes by a comic book pseudonym. What's the matter? Did you get the boot too many times under the old "Simons" moniker? Maybe you're getting more visits because I posted your website and real name on the poll before they deleted it. So sorry. How could I have known you'd be ridiculed for your 9/11 delusions? Sorry to give up your secret superhero identity as well. LMAO. Have fun at Fantastic 4 this weekend!!!

Real Truth Online said...

...and STILL Jas IGNORES my requests for a debate. He ignores EVERYTHING. He ignores the stories I post, including the one on this thread where Calum Douglas BRILLIANTLY demonstrates how our OWN government PURPOSELY covers up facts about the flight data recorder of Flight 77 that THEY KNOW ABOUT! This is not "conspiracy" crap, this is info that the FBI has put out themselves---then when a caller CALLS the FBI about it and asks questions---they blow him off----ya know, how you do to ME Jas? That what kills me about stupid mother fuckers like Jas-----even if you completely THROW OUT all the conspiracy things we've all heard the truth movement suggest----even when you throw it all out------you can STILL come to the conclusion that there is a cover up for the mere fact that they are COVERING IT UP! The 9/11 Commission IGNORED, DISTORTED and LIED in their report. Reports by the SAME government agencies contradict themselves----its their OWN information that they have released---CONTRADICTS what they've said! Thats why the caller at the end of this clip is amazed, he calls the FBI and NTSB and repeats their OWN information and they dont wanna hear it!! AMAZING! You cant call THAT conspiracy crap jas! Of course, it doesnt matter to stupid ignorant fucking MORONS like you. Do your own investigation Jas (nahhhh, youre too fucking lazy to do that!) and youd see that most of the 9/11 families believe in the cover-up, as well as firefighters, police, first responders, rescue workers---etc.... Of course, Jas is a FAUX News sheep, so he believes O' Liar and hannity when they say the 9/11 truth movement is "fringe"-----LOL, yeah, its SO fringe that they are forced to do stories on it, because they're SCARED its coming to light! If it really WAS fringe to O' Liar and Hannity, theyd IGNORE it---but they dont, because they know belief in the cover up is spreading like wildfire----except to IDIOTS like Jas, who still doesnt debate me after Ive asked him 25 times. He will keep ignoring my requests to debate, because like O'Liar and Hannity---Jas is scared too, thats why he ignores debating me. If jas was right and I was wrong---why wouldnt he debate me? Wouldnt he EASILY win? But yet, he's afraid------why is that Jas?? Hmmm???

tweddle said...

another great story where your side is proven hands down real truth. i would have to be a unamerican little prick bastard to argue agaist this truth. youve got the truth on your side again as usual. no true american can take this story and turn it to something else unless their a complete asshole. if i were to have the backing that you do id win but thats why i come here, to get the truth rigth, you win. hands down..

Real Truth Online said...

youve seen the light tweds----the angels rejoice

Puck said...

I'm about to shit my pants. Terrence Weddle is that really you?