Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fake Terror’s Greatest Hits and more Billo LIES!

JFK airport plot added to the long list of fake terror by Keith Olbermann

Countdown with Keith Olbermann
June 4, 2007

Olbermann updates his Nexus of Politics and Terror segment

Excellent! (in 2 parts)

well, while I’m at it, I thought I’d throw in Keith’s latest worst person segment, in which Billo takes home the silver and gold once again!

by Larry Simons

On a related issue: O ‘REILLY LIE ALERT!!!!!

O’ Liar said this on last night’s show “On Sunday, the NY Times put the JFK story on page 37. Every other NYC paper had the story on page 1”

Here is his lie in video form:

Here's what O' Reilly showed on TV:

Here's the ACTUAL entire paper (that Billo DIDN'T show his sheep):

Looks like PAGE ONE to ME Billo!!!! Maybe next time you should put your loofah down and UNFOLD THE PAPER!!!!


jas said...

6 months now I've owned your pathetic little site. What a suprise nobody's been here since I left except people who know you're a nutjob. Moderate this stooge :)

Real Truth Online said...

No, I own YOU. Because if you have been constantly checking my site, that means I sit back and live my life not spending ANY time at all thinking of you or being obsessed with you. But YOU, look at my site constantly, checking the posts and stories and monitoring what's going on---and you call that "you owning the site?" I call that me owning YOU! hahahahahahahha

jas said...

You're the little man with no life Larry. Its you conspiracy nutbags who waste your lives being "obsessed" with fantasyland internet blogging. It took me a minute to come back here and take a look at your stolen garbage and you threatening others again. Just one more of the many ways you're just like Bill O'Reilly... threaten to call Fox Security on me Larry, keep comment moderation up to be fair and balanced you hypocrite (cut his mic, cut his mic!!! LMAO. I have a beautiful wife and son, great job and own my own home. My life is filled with quality time and we all know what yours is filled with. Don't bother responding I'll be back in about 3 months to make sure comment moderation is still on because of little old me :)

BTW, loved the guy who called you the America hater, man he had some good points eh?

Real Truth Online said...

"stolen" garbage? who STEALS stuff??? I post stories from others but GIVE THEM THE CREDIT, I post their names ASSHOLE! When have i THREATENED anyone? Cant name ONE time, can you? Just like your LIE when you said "when you post ONE fact, I will debate you"--then when I came back in 2 days and posted my TOP 10 smoking guns of 9-11----you ran like a little girl and NEVER debated me, ONCE! All you do is come on here and INSULT me with ad hominem attacks and NEVER EVER EVER respond to one story I post. Its never about the stories or the FACTS with you, its always about weak attacks, character assassination and insults without EVER addressing FACTS. Of course, your reply to me saying "you never address facts" is always "Post a fact and I WILL address it"---then I DO post them, and you run away from weeks, being the PUSSY chicken you are to address facts and make arguments or start debates, because you know you cant stand up to FACTS. Youre a typical American sheep, comfortable with your wife and son, nice job and your own home, which is the VERY REASON you are too chicken shit to stand up against adversity, because of your conformity and being "comfortable"---afraid to lose what you have for your convictions, because you HAVE no convictions. Youre a weak, sad excuse for an American----if you can be called that, because you make no stands, have no convictions, dont question others, even when I provide you quote after quote from our founding fathers that these are the very things being a patriot IS. You not only do NOT do those patriotic things I just mentioned, but you ridicule others for it---I think that makes you ANTI-American, and a total piece of shit who would have LOVED living in Nazi Germany and putting Jews to death. Youre a traitor and a chicken. How do you sleep at night knowing you're a coward? You'll respond back in 3 months because thats what you do, stalk me and keep tabs on me. Do I do that to you? No, because for one, you dont have a site, and 2, because you'd be too stupid to have one, because having your own site requires thinking, which you are incapable of. O reilly and Hannity are calling-----run to them like sheeple do. They are calling "obey" "obey"---baa baa. LOL

Anonymous said...

well,jas what did your good looking wife tell you to write on this site, she errrr he told you to get back in bed and take it,right. still coming to this site without any evidence to back up your total bullshit. when are you going to blow bush? bah bah bah, now i now why your wife errr man like sheep.