Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boulder High Student, Jesse Lange, Calmly Exposes Bill O'Reilly's Hypocrisy

16 Year Old SCHOOLS Billo with his OWN WORDS!

June 27, 2007

Bill O'Reilly will go to any length to be right so he decided to keep poking sticks at Boulder, Colorado after the controversy about a student forum had been resolved reasonably despite his interference. When he learned that Bud Jenkins, Boulder High Principal, had apologized to the parents who found the sex and drug education assembly offensive, O'Reilly tried to suggest he was responsible. Anxious to gloat about his imagined victory, he invited two students on from the school, Andrew Wishner and Jesse Lange but things just didn't turn out the way he planned.
with video

O'Reilly really wanted to make the issue sound provocative last night calling the situation a "sex and drug scandal". However the only thing scandalous has been O'Reilly's unrelenting barrage of attacks for the last four weeks against Boulder.

On 6/19, BOR announced that Bud Jenkins had apologized commenting how they had to chase him around as if his ambush in the school parking lot did the trick. Last night he claimed to have been a " driving force" making it seem like Jenkin's apology was some big deal and proved he had been right to carry on the destructive campaign.

Andrew Wishner, Boulder High Sophomore, had spoken out against the forum at a recent Boulder School Board meeting but according to several sources at the school, Wishner wasn't even there that day. So it seems that O'Reilly didn't have that information or just decided to overlook this important detail.

When Jesse Lange was originally contacted by O'Reilly producers,6/19, he was told he would be doing a one on one interview. He was not told about the addition of Andrew Wishner until yesterday late morning making the interview a 2 against 1 affair for Lange.

Despite the disadvantage, Jesse Lange, did an admirable job confronting O'Reilly calmly and rationally. In fact, he riled Bill so much , he got branded a pinhead which he considers a badge of honor. It's interesting to note that a reader contacted us to report that the pinhead comment had been scrubbed from The Factor late rerun. I was unable to confirm that since the the video of the segment was not posted on O'Reilly's page when I looked at 11AM. No doubt, it will show up later.

Here's the video of Jesse Lange making Bill O'Reilly look very foolish.

by Larry Simons

An interesting footnote to this story is that Lange also says that in a brief pre-show interview, O’Reilly asked him not to quote the incendiary parts from The O’Reilly Factor For Kids. Hmmm, I wonder why Billo would ask someone NOT to quote from his own book???? Hmmmmm. Then, when Lange DID quote from the book and was told by Billo he was "taking it out of context" (Billo's signature: Calling DIRECT QUOTES "out of context") Lange offered to read the WHOLE paragraph, in other words, IN CONTEXT, and of course, Billo would have no part of someone reading his very OWN words from his very OWN book!

Billo has now sank to an all time low, even for Billo......getting annihilated by a 16 year old! I bet Billo will think twice now about having teenagers on his show. Maybe Billo will do much better next time with pre-kindergartners!

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