Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Bitch is Back

Terrorist Ann Coulter spews her hypocrisy and terroristic threats across the airwaves once again

by Larry Simons
June 27, 2007

Coultergeist, the war and hate mongering bitch that loves attention is back, and these media assholes keep giving her what she wants…the spotlight. On Monday’s Hannity and Colmes show, the topic was the speech made by Barack Obama in a church this past weekend about how the religious right has hijacked religion. When Coultergeist showed her disapproval of Obama speaking in church to “advance his nomination to be the Democrat Presidential nominee”, Alan Colmes said, “Oh, so only Republicans can talk in churches?”

Coultergeist’s brilliant reply?: “No, but I do think someone named B. Hussein Obama should avoid using hijack and religion in the same sentence."

Ahhhhhh, so in other words, you can’t think of ANYTHING to attack Obama on except for something he had NO control over…………his NAME! Let me get this straight Ann, you’re against words like “hijacking” because it’s associated with terrorists, hijacked planes, etc? Then surely YOU would never say such things, right? Right?

Coutergeist on GMA Monday:

So, Ann…’s totally wrong for Obama to use the word “hijack” when referring to the religious right “hijacking” religion------which is NOT a threatening remark, NOT a terroristic comment, nor is it vile in ANY way. But YOU can say that you wish that John Edwards would be killed in a terrorist asassination plot----and that’s perfectly OK, despite the fact that that IS threatening and a terroristic comment????

Here, Ann is confronted by Elizabeth Edwards. Watch how Coultergeist AVOIDS just about everything Elizabeth Edwards says, even catching Coultergeist is a LIE—where she said she said NOTHING about John Edwards on a show the previous day (“Good Morning America”). Chris Matthews is a total waste as well. How ironic the show is called “Hardball”. Everything Chris threw at Ann was soft.

And naturally, these events led to another Worst Person in the World award for Coultergeist:

I know how Elizabeth Edwards feels. Dealing with people who insult, name call and use ad hominem attacks is all I get from people. It's never about debating the issues, just character assassination and sarcasm, because debating issues is impossible with these people. I know people will read this and naturally they will spin the fact that I show my disdain for Ann Coulter because she attacks people and calls them names when I have called her names.

They will say, "but you called Ann Coulter a terrorist!" Well, that's because she's made terroristic threats and she does it quite OFTEN. She has wished the deaths of every employee at the New York Times by means of anthrax being mailed to them, and has said she regretted that Timothy McVeigh didn't bomb the New York Times building (instead of the federal building in Oklahoma City). And now, she wishes for the death of John Edwards. This isn't terrorism? Don Imus loses his job for saying "nappy headed hos" and nothing happens to Coulter for wishing DEATH on a Presidential candidate? Can anyone say Bobby Kennedy or Sirhan Sirhan?

In the near 40 years since Bobby Kennedy's assassination, could anyone have imagined we would once live in a day where someone could go on national television and wish for a Presidential candidate's death, and NOTHING happens to them????? This is simply mind-numbing! Why isn't anything being done to Ann Coulter? Why do people still give her a national platform in which to speak? Can anyone tell me why??

Here's what John Amato of Crooks and had to say about the disgraceful Chris Matthews during his show:

John Amato
Crooks and Liars

Matthews was utterly steamrolled by Annie for the full show and I can’t even list the amount of lies she told that he had no answer for. Every insane talking point you can think of was on display: “YES, it’s a fact!,” she’d say…And Chris would move on to a new topic or poll…..Obviously, she shouldn’t be given this type of format, but what’s needed is for the host to jump in and correct the record. Have a backbone….

She claimed Saddam was working with al-Qaeda, we didn’t go to war with Iraq because of WMD’s, but Iraq had them anyway. It was just the whiny liberal press (Matthews included) who made those claims. They/she had “other reasons” to go to war with Iraq. Matthews tried to slow her down a bit, but she shouted at him with an over the top exuberance and he haplessly moved on…These conmen can see a mark a mile away and Annie found a nice one. You can see more video at MSNBC

ON FAUX NEWS—even Bill O’Reilly and Hannity and Colmes limit her air time. With H&C, she usually gets two segments, but the Factor Man usually does just one. Not Matthews, he had her all to himself…and the wind…and the fans that probably were sent down by Coulter’s PR firm.

Elizabeth Edwards called in and for a brief instant tried to bring some balance and rationality back to the show—someone who had been a victim of her hate speech got a chance to confront her. Coulter just cackled and laughed at her and Matthews let that moment die, switched topics to some “chubby legs” comment she made and never even said goodbye to Elizabeth Edwards as she hung up. OMG. It was like she never called the show….This was a perfect time to have Elizabeth Edwards confront her for another segment, but Chris just hung up on a Presidential candidate’s wife.

Mediabloodhound emailed Nicole and asked if this is the same fan-thug crowd that showed up for the last Coulter in the Square event that Matthews had for her. I haven’t had time to check, but I wouldn’t doubt it…

It was a grotesque display for a man who considers himself a serious journalist and opinion maker, but we know otherwise…I can’t tell you the amount of email I received that said they were going to stop watching Hardball. Since I cover the media, I’ll be around, but I know he angered quite a few viewers yesterday...


john edwards said...

what a cunt bitch. whos cock did she suck to get on the air? seems like monica all over again. but at least monica did it to go somewhere. can no balls errr... hard ball guy give up his man hood any quicker? he was more women than she was. whos cock did he suck and swallow to get on the air? lol lol lol.

Real Truth Online said...

Chris Matthews is a spineless no-talent. He let Coultergeist run his show. Still no word from Jas. I think I know who Jas is--I think I'll make that call I promised to make months ago. He'll know what that means, lol.