Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sean Penn: “Bush, Cheney, Tenet and Rice should be in fucking jail”

Penn tells Bill Maher top members of the Bush administration should be in jail including Bush himself, to the thunderous applause of Maher’s audience

by Larry Simons
May 7, 2007

Sean Penn is a true patriot. The O’ Reilly’s and the Hannity’s of the country will attack Penn for comments like this and most likely say he is “un-American” for simply stating his opinion in a society that has freedom of speech. They already have attacked Penn in the past for opposing the Iraq war. I can’t wait to see Monday’s FOX programs just to see the Neo-con, globalist NWO attack dogs demonize Sean Penn for comments that I am sure most Americans actually feel, but few may be afraid to speak.

This clip from “Real Time with Bill Maher” is just about the best segment of ANY show I’ve seen in a very long time. Penn speaks the 100% truth. The crimes and treasonous acts of this administration are endless and I am filled with utter glee that someone like Penn had the balls to say what desperately needed to be said.

Watch and enjoy!


realtruthiness said...

Maher would put you in jail for linking him to this bogus 9/11 conspiracy crap website. Guess you'll be posting Chomsky next. Like I said I own your site. Why don't you just ask me for material from now on and I'll lead you the way ytoward the realtruth.

Real Truth Online said...

yes its so bogus and full of crap that not ONE person.....not ONE has debated me on ANY issue YET! I keep asking for a debate and NO ONE debates me. Hmmm, I wonder why. Remember Jas? the one who said they would debate me if I posted FACTS? when I posted my top 10 smoking guns, he was no where to be found and then just kept posting the same mile long post over and over----indicating that he is AFRAID of facts. All I receive is sarcasm, namecalling and 2nd grade comments that are for the sole purpose of bullying. Not ONE debate yet, not ONE. Will you be the first? I doubt it, since you probably ARE Jas posting under his 12th moniker. COWARD!

Real Truth Online said...

Do you even stop for ONE second to realize that your constant namecalling and ad hominem arguments just solidify and add credence to MY positions? Do you realize that? Or do you even care? Just incase your pea brain doesnt know what ad hominem means, here is the link to its definition:


Keep attacking the persons character and not touching the substance of their argument....keep looking like a total ASS

Anonymous said...

to real truth. can anyone come to this site without bullshitting you our most importantly them selves? if this site was bad why does he come back over and over? why does he post the same bull shit over and over? he must not have eyes. the map is to upper right side of site. the only thing that guy owns is his own bullshit, well not realy because thats given to him by his partner. next time bring some backing when you post you complete idiot. if you want to debate then debate. stop the shit and say something worth hearing......

Real Truth Online said...

Im used to it. Im used to the ad hominem attacks. It actually makes me feel good about my stance when they do that. Because when all they can do is assassinate my character, it just means they have no ammunition to back what they say, hence giving more crediblity to what i believe. They CANT debate, because they KNOW deep inside the facts are against them, so the only thing left is to character assassinate and use sarcastic remarks and bring up bigfoot and the lochness monster, ya know....2nd grade stuff.