Friday, May 4, 2007

Ron Paul leads "Big 3" in GOP debates on MSNBC poll!

MSNBC poll shows that people care more about the issues, the Constitution and opposing the Iraq war than they do about who is more popular by elevating Ron Paul over the "Big 3"

by Larry Simons
May 4, 2007

I am smart enough to realize that this probably won't mean a whole lot, but at least it is a small victory, even if it is short-lived, that Ron Paul leads Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney on an MSNBC poll after the GOP debates on Thursday. As of 3 a.m. Friday here are the results:

Results are listed under "Negative", "Neutral" and "Positive" categories. Ron Paul leads in both, positive (highest %) and negative (lowest %) categories.

Candidate/Positive/ Negative

Ron Paul 41% /27%
Mitt Romney 34% / 35%
Rudy Giuliani 22% / 44%
John McCain 20% / 45%

UPDATE: As of 7:00pm Friday the poll now stands: (after 71, 585 votes)

Ron Paul 32% / 29%
Mitt Romney 30% / 35%
Rudy Giuliani 27% / 39%
John McCain 20% / 42%

UPDATE: Well, it seems this is no fluke. Ron Paul is clearly the winner. As of 4:30am Saturday, the poll now stands: (after 76, 145 votes)

Ron Paul 34% / 28%
Mitt Romney 29% / 36%
Rudy Giuliani 26% / 40%
John McCain 20% / 43%

UPDATE: After 83, 256 votes Ron Paul leads by even higher margin!:
Ron Paul 38%
Mitt Romney 27%
Rudy Giuliani 24%
John McCain 19%

FINAL UPDATE: After 89, 596 votes (as of May 10). This will be my last update. I think it has already been proven Ron Paul won, even without further updating.

Ron Paul 40%
Mitt Romney 26%
Rudy Giuliani 22%
John McCain 18%

Pretty amazing accomplishment by Ron Paul, considering the complete blackout of press concerning him and his lack of usage of buzz words like "9/11", "God and country", "New York City during 9/11", "my prisoner of war friends" and "Ronald Reagan"

This is simply amazing since there has been a virtual blackout of Ron Paul in the mainstream media. On the other hand, it is a known fact that Ron Paul is extremely popular on the internet. Not only is there a blackout in the mainstream press on Ron Paul, you could clearly see the bias with the moderator Chris Matthews tonight, asking McCain, Giuliani and Romney the bulk of the questions and giving them more time to speak even after their time was up. When Ron Paul spoke and his time was up, Matthews immediately stopped Paul and went to the next candidate.

Paul was very strong on issues such as opposing the Iraq war, taxes (inflation tax), foreign policy, defending the internet (which I'm sure must have been hard for McCain to hear) and being vehemently against National ID cards. Paul is also opposed to federal funding of stem cell research because he said last night, "Programs like this are not authorized under the Constitution. The trouble with issues like this is, in Washington we either prohibit it or subsidize it. And the market should deal with it, and the states should deal with it."

When Paul was asked if he trusted the mainstream media, he said this, "Some of them.....but I trust the Internet a lot more, and I trust the freedom of expression. And that's why we should never interfere with the Internet. That's why I've never voted to regulate the Internet. Even when there's the temptation to put bad things on the Internet, regulation of bad and good on the Internet should be done differently. But, no, there's every reason to believe that we have enough freedom in this country to have freedom of expression. And that's what is important. And whether or not we trust the mainstream or not, I think you pick and choose. There are some friends, and some aren't so friendly". The candidates were finally asked, "How would you be different from President Bush?". Paul said, "I certainly would continue on my earlier theme that foreign policy needs to be changed -- Mr. Republican, Robert Taft, we have a statue of him in Washington. He advocated the same foreign policy that I advocate. I would work very hard to protect the privacy of American citizens, being very, very cautious about warrantless searches. And I would guarantee that I would never abuse habeas corpus".

It was fun to watch flip-flopper McCain flip-flop right in front of my eyes! McCain was asked by an emailer if he believed in evolution. He had this to say:

MODERATOR: I'm curious, is there anybody on the stage that does not agree, believe in evolution?
MCCAIN: May I just add to that?
MCCAIN: I believe in evolution. But I also believe, when I hike the Grand Canyon and see it at sunset, that the hand of God is there also.

This was unbelievable that this wasn't challenged by the moderator! He had JUST said he believed in evolution, then 2 seconds later said this lame shit about when he's at the Grand Canyon he sees the hand of God too. ???????? What???? Which is it McCain? Do you believe the world evolved into existance or that God created it? There ARE many who believe God created the world, and then just left it and forgot about it, and things evolved later....BUT, that is NOT what the Bible once AGAIN, McCain's true flip-flopping colors clearly show.

This poll may mean nothing and one of the big 3 may make the Republican ticket next year. If Paul does not make the ticket, wouldn't it be incredible if makes contention or even wins the Presidency by write-in votes! I could be completely wrong and the poll means that people are finally, finally waking up and seeing that it doesn't matter who is popular, it doesn't matter who was Mayor on 9/11, it doesn't matter who was a prisoner of war. Hopefully, these poll results mean that the American people are finally beginning to scream with a loud voice that things like the Constitution, Habeas Corpus, bringing troops home alive, ending a pointless, senseless war and bringing America back where it should be are IMPORTANT and they know Ron Paul will be that candidate to make America great again. Only time will tell, but regardless of what the long-term outcome is, this is a victory tonight for America!

I love the above clip where John McCain smiles as he gets educated by Ron Paul blasting National ID cards right after McCain just said he supported them.

This story will be updated. Below is the link to the poll on MSNBC:


AlexAnCap said...

Here is a little observation which assumably not too many people have noiced about the MSNBC Republican polls.

Go to the MSNBC poll results web page, and look at all the candidates photos. Whos the "odd man out" in that photo? Yep. You guessed it.

If you think that is mere coincidence... you go right on kidding yourself.

Every other candidate has a close-up photo of their face. Pauls photo is from a distance. Dozens of close-up photos of a disinguished and friendly Ron Paul smiling exist and are easy to find on the Internet.... yet MSNBC amazingly chose not to be able to find a smiling portrait for Paul. Instead they deliberaely choose a photo where he has a scowl. Nope. No malfeasance there.

This is very "old school" subliminal type techniques which often go unnoticed. By appearing distant in a phograph, it [intenionally] presents the candidate in a negative light by making it appear that the candidate is "distant" or "cold", in contrast to a close up porrait which the viewer equates with getting to know a candidate close-up.

Call it speculation if you will... its very unfortunae when you cannot prove something which is rather self evident to a large percentage of people who know shennanigans when they blaenly see it. So I just say... people can draw their own conclusion.

Real Truth Online said...

very very interesting point. I didnt even notice that! Although all arent smiling, (ex: Giuliani, McCain) Paul is the only one with a 'grumpy' look and its from a distance. Another reason why it is amazing that Paul won the MSNBC poll, he's now at 38% beating Romney, Giuliani and McCain!! Wake up America!! Ron Paul for President!

rob said...

way to go america!!!!! Its about time we all woke up. ron for pres now.