Friday, April 6, 2007

O' LIElly's Head Nearly Explodes During Shout Match with Geraldo

O' Liar and Geraldo go at it over drunk driving illegal alien who kills girl in Virginia

by Larry Simons
April 6, 2007

If you tuned into The O' Reilly Factor at 10 minutes after the hour last night, then you had already missed the heated exchange between O' Liar and Geraldo over an illegal alien who killed a girl in Virginia because he was driving drunk.

I'm so torn over this particular segment that my head is spinning. Billo shouted so violently at Geraldo I thought he was either going to give Geraldo his second broken nose in his journalistic career, or that the steam from his ears were going to form two fists and choke Geraldo. As this mindblowing debate unfolded, I found myself beginning to have an extreme nauseating feeling deep in my gut because I was actually on Billo's side!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the debate went on, I started to see Geraldo's point, then Billo's again. I haven't seen such head-turning volleys since the great matches between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg in the early 80's! I agreed with Billo (did I just say that?) on his stance that this man should NOT have been in this country. Geraldo agreed with that too, but said the man, although had been in trouble with the law previously, had committed no crimes and that everyone from the Governor to the Mayor had followed the law.

Billo disagreed and argued that the man should have been deported the FIRST time he was in trouble with the law. Geraldo argued that Billo was only interested in this story because it involved an illegal alien, not because of the tragic death of a young girl. Geraldo pointed out there were 347 drunk driving deaths in 2005, and said to Billo, "Do we care about them?" Then Geraldo accused Billo of taking this tragedy and turning it into a "cheap political point".

GERALDO: "Cool your jets! It has nothing to do with illegal aliens…it has to do with drunk driving! Don't obscure a tragedy to make a cheap political point. It is a cheap political point and you know it!!"

Ok, here's my 2 cents about this: Both Billo and Geraldo are right, but for different reasons. Billo is absolutely correct in the fact that this man should have never been in this country, and maybe the girl would still be alive. I disagree with Geraldo that this has NOTHING to do with illegal aliens.......sure it does. I'd be lying if my own daughter was killed by an illegal alien and I said this was JUST about drunk driving. I'd be asking myself, "Would she still be here if someone would have deported the driver?" The answer is.....yes. But, would she be here tomorrow, or the next day or the next and not taken early by someone else? No one knows.

Would I be happier if my daughter was killed by a legal citizen? Of course not. But my anger would be increased if I knew the driver was someone who never should have been here. But that brings to life another issue. Are we going to start determining what is tragic and what is not by the "never should have happened" factor? We could say "the man should have never been here to commit the crime"....TRUE. We could also say the convict released from prison early "he never should have been released", and on and on. There's many "what if's" and "never should have been's" in every case. Is Geraldo right when he says Billo is making a cheap political point? To the extent that the girls' death is being overshadowed by the fact that it was an illegal alien involved?.....yes

The fact is, illegal immigration IS a political issue, like it or not. To me, O' Reilly seems to be very against illegal immigration and Geraldo seems to be taking the Bush mentality toward it. Geraldo seems to be fooled in that he says Bush is working toward "reasoned immigration reform". No he's not. Bush doesn't give a 2-cent shit about illegal aliens and I personally believe he is among the culprits in orchestrating a North American union. I believe we will be without borders in North America in the next 10 years....if that. O' Reilly actually seems to be on the RIGHT side on this issue. (God I hope that is the LAST time I ever say that in my life).


Tessa Tranchant and Allison Kuhnhardt's parents want the arguing to stop. They said this national debate over illegal immigration is out of hand and they desperately want this time to grieve.

Colette Tranchant, Tessa's mother, said, "It just saddens me that people take this to a different level."

Friday, Colette and Alison's Father, David, wanted to calm the firestorm, saying they don't blame Virginia Beach for not sending Ramos to federal authorities after police arrested him for public intoxication.

"There's a media circus right now and everyone has their opinion, but the fact is our kids were killed," said Colette, "Right now we need time to grieve, we need time to figure this out and we would like laws enforced."

Comment: It seems that the families don't blame authorities for the illegal alien being here, they just want time to grieve, which is very understandable--and that is the part of the argument I agreed with Geraldo over. One thing seems confusing to me. They say "we would like laws enforced", but yet say they don't blame Virginia Beach for not sending Ramos to federal authorities for public intoxication. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't sending Ramos to federal authorities have been "enforcing the laws"?


Mick said...

Hilarious jas, thanks for telling me about the site. Although clearly deluded on 9/11 there's some good stuff on here although it seems mostly cut and paste stuff. Don't be too hard on the site creator as I think you're probably right about the water tower comment. See you Sunday.

eugene said...

Bill O'Reilly (was) a Truther Too!
9/11 Truth vs JFK Truth

Real Truth Online said...

No, Jas. I dont allow the SAME old BORING posts like YOURS. PLUS, WHEN,OH WEHEN are you going to debate the 9/11 FACTS like your PROMISED you would if I posted them? I DID post them---in my smoking guns post. Would you like me to re-post all the posts where you said you WOULD debate me when i posted FACTS? Well, I DID asshole, and Im still waiting! Youre 100% childish when you post that SAME long post that NOBODY reads. What do you think you accomplish by doing that? You claim to have a Masters degree but yet you post the same old childish post and RUN AWAY from my 9/11 FACTS. God, if I was you, I'd kill myself. I only delete posts that are CHILDISH-----so far, you have NOT YET----not ONCE posted ANYTHING that was of substance----NOTHING. You also POSE as other people---like myself, Dylan Avery, Rosie, etc.....REAL fucking childish man. I feel sorry for you. The fact that you have to resport to all this childish shit----you must NEVER read a book. I bet you have an IV running from the FOX News channel to your head. God, youre PATHETIC! You are a childish, uninformed, weak minded, ignorant whimpy IDIOT. I challenged you to a debate where YOU could bring material with you but I wouldnt bring anything----REMEMBER THAT? Of course---like everything else, you IGNORED that! You're a complete fucking asshole! That's not name-calling----you've EARNED that! From now on people will KNOW posts that say Real Truth on them and it DOESNT have my picture beside it, are NOT mine, since I know you will POSE again, because youre a sorry-ass stupid mother fucker.

Real Truth Online said...

Hey Mick----yes I do copy and paste others stories but I give them the credit for the story. You really only should condemn cut and paste when you cut and paste and pass off the story as your own. Im not plagerizing, so whats your point? Let me guess Mick----you're ANOTHER just like Jas who will disagree with my views (which is ok) but yet NEVER debates anything right? Jas has already PROVEN he is afraid of facts----are you afraid too? If not, lets hear a debate!

Real Truth Online said...

Hey guys--answer this: If fire melts steel, why dont peoples' woodstoves melt right before their eyes. Fires get pretty damned hot in woodstoves!!! Why dont they melt? Have an answer? Or afraid of yet more facts??

eugene said...

Jas, you aren’t just a Shithead, you are a sorry excuse of a person and a Total Asshole. If you want to debate, by all means do so. Posting the same poorly written 3093 word hate mail over and over is childish harassment.
So you post proves that you are a gullible fool. You stated you buy the Popular Mechanics story, They claim that dead terrorists were identified by DNA preformed on pieces of the hijackers bodies found in the wreckage. Maybe you can answer the question that Popular Mechanics could not answer. Where did the pre-911 DNA comparison samples come from?
This is only one unanswered 9/11 question, there are many. Let's here you explain this how the government got a DNA sample for comparison.

Here Popular Mechanic defends the 911 story on the radio
And follow up call
PM - Popular Mechanics: Davin Coburn "researcher, editor, reporter on the original 9/11 article"
CG - Charles Goyette, Radio Show Host

Real Truth Online said...

eugene---Im kinda glad he keeps doing that----it just solidifies our stance, that he NEVER EVER has nothing to say, and that he is a FUCKING CHICKEN that he NEVER kept his promise to debate the issues after i posted facts. He is a sorry human being, and a waste of life. He will NOT be coming back on the blog, EVER. I will make a phone call on Monday that will change his life forever---while Im laughing my head off.

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hey Eugene, he keeps sending me comments----as if ANYONE is seeing them! hahahahahahahahahaha

Real Truth Online said...

it is SO FUN to watch these chicken shit assholes do EVERYTHING but debate the facts. They ridicule, name-call, use sarcasm, pose as others, bully, say we hate the country, re-post the same comment over and over. They make total asses of themselves and seem to revel in it. They ENJOY having no facts and not debating. They are sorry, sorry people. These people are worse than sheep. Sheep follow without thinking. THESE people (like Jas) act as if they are trapped, they see no other side. They see what we say and still choose to jump in the hole. It's amazing.

eugene said...

I want him to tell me were the gov't got the DNA comparison samples they used to identify the dead hijackers. Especially since some of the people ID'd spoke up and said they aren't dead it turns out that some are alive, so the gov't than said that somebody stole their identity, which means that the Identity thief would have had to have stolen their DNA also. Bullshit! The gov't lied and piss poor excuses for a person like Jas and his Nazi luvin' self can't reason for themselves. In stead of taking a stand to expose the gov't lies, this asshole resorts to cyber-vandalism in an effort to impede real patriots like Larry from exposing the threat to the United Stands and our freedoms. I used to think these assholes were just misinformed, but NO, he was at your site. He can write, therefore he can read. BUT HE DID NOT or else he would have seen what is going on. No, he thinks he already knows all and in ignorance believes that his gov't is so nice and sweet and will not harm Americans. I believe if Bu$h came out in front of him with a Nazi uniform decorated in swatika's and sporting a little moustache under his nose, demanding Jas Sieg Heil him and lick his boots, Jas would get a boner and do it.

Anonymous said...

as usual another great story. again whos the A-hole that posts the same stuff over and over and over and over again without backing his side of the story? your comments maybr pasted from other people but are backed by your own side that pretty much cant be challenged unless your admitting your the biggest idiot of all time, and not to mention totaly unAMERICAN.