Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hypocrite O'Reilly Milks Rosie "Feud" To Rescue Failing Show

Abandons rhetoric of ignoring "lunacy" to exploit brief ratings surge

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
April 3, 2007

Despite calling for the whole issue to be marginalized little over a week ago, hypocrite Bill O'Reilly has decided to throw his weight behind creating a feud with Rosie O'Donnell in a desperate attempt to boost ratings for his failing Fox News show.

During a radio interview with billionaire Mark Cuban on the Friday March 23 broadcast of O'Reilly's Radio Factor show, O'Reilly argued that the 9/11 truth movement should be marginalized and that "lunacy shouldn't be given legitimacy" by affording it any attention. Yet since that broadcast, O'Reilly has given Rosie O'Donnell's 9/11 stance prime coverage on no less than three more occasions alone on his TV show and also discussed it further on his radio show. If this is how O'Reilly defines not giving something attention, then we have to wonder what he would have done had he really pushed the issue! Renamed his show the O'Donnell Factor?

The pathetic truth of the matter is that Bill O'Reilly is attempting to manufacture a feud with Rosie O'Donnell because he knows O'Donnell has viewers and he doesn't. ABC's The View averages over twice as many viewers as O'Reilly's show, reaching a total of around 30 million viewers throughout the course of the entire show. O'Donnell has introduced 600,000 new viewers since she took the helm in September 2006.

O'Reilly's viewership has been in freefall since his October 2004 sex scandal, dropping from a height of around 3.1 million to just over 2 million in October 2006 and leveling of at that rate to the present day. O'Reilly has lost over a third of his audience in two years, but since he began his feverish coverage of O'Donnell's comments nearly two weeks ago, his ratings have experienced a brief spike. Bill O'Reilly may be a thug and a bully but he's a calculating one at that, deciding to abandon his rhetoric of "marginalizing cranks" by ignoring them and going hell for leather to exploit Rosie O'Donnell's popularity in an attempt to rescue his failing television career. O'Donnell's feud with Donald Trump was a ratings boost for both of them and O'Reilly fully recognizes the opportunity to stick his foot in the door on this one.

O'Reilly went out all guns blazing yesterday in his continued attempts to attack O'Donnell for her public stance on 9/11, devoting two segments of his own show to the story and appearing on another Fox News show later in the evening to hype the feud. We would encourage Rosie O'Donnell to continue simply asking the questions that need to be asked about 9/11, while avoiding becoming embroiled in a spat with attention seeking loser O'Reilly, whose only agenda is to claim O'Donnell's potential dismissal as a feather in his cap while briefly rejuvenating his declining TV crapfest.

Just For The Record (Commentary)
by Larry Simons

I knew the Neo-cons' blood would boil if the 9/11 truth movement ever received mainstream attention, but these latest surges from the far-right, anti-free speech hatemongers far exceed anything I had imagined. It's quite fun to watch their heads explode over this. Just for the record, let me immediately distinguish the many lies in the above clip:

O' Liar: "Rosie is peddling 'Loose Change' with Charlie Sheen" (False. Rosie has NOTHING to do with the production of Loose Change, nor has there even been any MENTION of that from the very people involved in the movie. It's another classic example of the O' Liar lie machine attempting to manipulate the weak minds of his shrinking audience.)

Malkin: "Popular Mechanics debunked every single theory "beyond dispute" (False: They have actually debunked NONE of them. A classic example of Hearst Publishing's yellow journalism is brilliantly illustrated in the interview last August on the Charles Goyette show when Popular Mechanics' Davin Coburn said that 'they' had recovered DNA of some of the hijackers in the rubble of the twin towers, in which Goyette then asked, "Where did they get the ORIGINAL DNA in order to match it"? Coburn then spent the last 3 minutes of the interview squirming in his seat attempting to deflect attention away from Goyette's question claiming over and over that Goyette didn't "frame the question right" and requested that Goyette "start over and frame it in a way that is not intentionally trying to trap him". Coburn also stated that Goyette's question was baseless, and a question not even worth answering. In other words: He had NO answer. I called Goyette in October 2006 and spoke with him for about 15 minutes, and he told me that Coburn CANCELLED 3 other interviews he had that same day. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. It seems alot of people who support the official story who claim to possess the truth are awfully afraid of confrontation. Now....why is that??

Malkin: "(Rosie's views) are a slap in the face to every single victim of 9/11" (False: The numbers of victims' family members of those who died on 9/11 who do not believe the government's story are growing astoundingly. The Jersey Girls and Jeremy Glick are just a few of the many family members who question 9/11.

O' Liar calls Sunsara Taylor and Mayor Rocky Anderson "far-left" extremists, yet when he plays snippets of the clips when they appeared on the show, he fails to include the parts where Taylor and Anderson are ripping O' Liar a new asshole with FACTS. Taylor told O' Reilly that Bush is abusing his power by advocating the torture of children and went on to quote Doug Cassel who said to John Yoo during a debate, "If the president deems that he’s got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person’s child, there is no law that can stop him?" Taylor was simply quoting someone using the testicle crushing of a baby as a hypothetical, but these little pesky facts meant nothing to O' Liar when he then snapped back, "What's the baby's name? Who's the baby? See? You can't even tell me the baby's name!" What a fucking moron you are O' Reilly!

Then, Mayor Rocky Anderson totally annihilates O' Liar on what the Constitution says. Do you really think O' Liar cared about facts? Of course not. All bully O' Reilly has to do is get loud, point his finger and call people 'kooks' and his work is done. No intellectual debate or factual commentary, just an old fucking blowhard who bullies people on his show. Taylor and Anderson didn't cave into O' Reilly's obnoxious bullying, so they were shouted down and called "far-left".

The bottom line is this: O' Reilly is in big trouble. He's losing viewers faster than he's losing his mind. So, these attacks on O' Donnell and Sheen are nothing more than an attempt to smear people who, on the surface appear to be 'looney' people to the average non-thinking American, or those people who are too busy to really keep up on what's going on in the country. These are the people who work 12 hours a day, come home and only have time to watch a re-cap of the news for the day. They see O' Reilly condemning O' Donnell and Sheen and calling them un-American, and of course, to them it must be true. They turn the TV off after 20 minutes and go to bed. Those of us who have a little more time to devote to investigating things and weeding out the lies of the media are not fooled by these attack dogs. The truth is: The View is gaining viewers and The Factor is losing them. I believe ABC will eventually cave into all the pressure and get rid of Rosie, thus bowing in submission to its critics and hammering yet another spike into the coffin of the First Amendment.

Enemies Of Free Speech Launch 'Stop Rosie' Website, Petition
Because they can't debate us on the facts, Neo-Con bootlickers use mob intimidation tactics to shut down free speech

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
April 3, 2007

Anti-American enemies of free speech have launched an official campaign to have Rosie O'Donnell fired for asking questions about 9/11 and the Iranian hostage crisis, setting up a website and a farcical poll - a sizable portion of whose signatories consist of fake names and joke entries. "We would like to make it very clear that we support Miss O’Donnell’s right to say whatever she deems appropriate. This is a free country and she has the right of free speech. We are not demanding that government or Disney-ABC censor anything she, or anyone else, says," states the website, obviously worried that if Rosie were to be fired, legal consequences would inevitably follow.

But the website labels itself in its own banner graphic as "the online petition to get Rosie off the air," so what else can be deduced other than the fact that this is a blatant attempt to intimidate ABC bosses into dropping the axe on O'Donnell's continued presence on The View? The website is seemingly connected to Neo-Con ideologue Michele Malkin, a Bill O'Reilly trough feeder and an individual who devoted an entire book to argue that American Muslims should be put in concentration camps. Malkin's acolytes have been caught in the past sending white powder in an attempt to intimidate media personalities like Keith Olbermann.

On her website yesterday, Malkin gleefully ran with the Drudge Report story that CNN's Michael Ware had "heckled" John McCain at a press conference in Iraq, a claim completely debunked after the video was made available. You'll notice how these frothing Bush cheerleaders don't devote a website to challenging O'Donnell on the facts she has laid out because they can't win a debate on a level playing field, they have to resort to mob tactics and efforts to scare people into shutting down O'Donnell's free speech, just like Bill O'Reilly cuts off his guest's mic when he's losing an argument.

The line was crossed on Thursday night when failed actor Danny Bonaduce called for O'Donnell to be executed on MSNBC. "Please don't make up names," asks the website, advice which has obviously not been heeded - the poll is a laughing stock as it's chock full with blatantly fake signatories like "Godbless GeorgeBush," "Dick Cheney," "Condi Rice," "Cindy Sheehan" "Right Wing Thought Police" and even Rosie O'Donnell herself! The whole thing already looks like a farce and it's only a day old.

You don't see O'Donnell calling for Glen Beck to be taken off their air for calling her a "fat witch," you don't see websites like ours calling for O'Reilly's dismissal when he spews his propaganda every night, or for Ann Coulter to be banned for saying the 9/11 widows wanted their husbands dead. We are happy for these moronic Bush worshippers to continue to insult, abuse and attempt to blackout the truth, because it only exposes them for what they are - kool-aid drinking Neo-Con cheerleaders that have deluded themselves into thinking patriotism is swearing blind obedience to government - when in fact the opposite is true - patriotism is about asking questions of your government, which is exactly what O'Donnell has exercised her First Amendment right to do.

We encourage you to e mail the operators of this website and politely remind them of your support for Rosie O'Donnell's stance on 9/11 truth, along with the fact that they are in the minority and their attempts to censor free speech will be counter-attacked at every turn.


Shimmy said...

Great post -- thanks. I'm still trying to figure out if Ann Coulter killed that guy last year.

Real Truth Online said...

what guy would that be? she's threatened so many.

eugene said...

That should be "Andy" Coulter.

Anybody read the names that signed the Atop Rosie petition?

Is here a sample I found this Morning:

Inbred Redneck Moron
Stop Thefouthreich
Iam Braindead
I Pee Freely
Jackme Hoff
Miss Informed
You've Allbeenhad
Fashist M Pigg
Watch Terrorstorm
I. Tinkurstoopid
Seymor Buttz
Adolf Hitler
Ur Notfree
Retarded Moron
Bogus Site
A. Nuther Natzi
I P Nightly
Gaitt Affukinglife
Truth Willprevail
Daffy Duck
Neo Con
Josef Stalin
Whata Joke
Freespeach Is Dead
Jack Mehoff
Infowars Dotcom
Al Qaeda
Heywood Jablowme
Ten Thousand Idiots
D. Gummintdiditfersure
Waikup Amerika
Ima Sheeple
Chenie Mastermindedit
Skull And Bones
Stu Pidass
Useless Eater
Winston Smith
Gulf O'tokien
Faux News Liars
T Ruth Haters
Wild E. Coyote
Impeach Bush
Guy Fawkes
Eyes Wide Shut
Ministry Of Truth
Free Speach
Chickenhawk Dot Com
R. Ukiddingme
Book Burners
She Hitta Nerve
Joseph Goebbels
Gullible Asfook
Barbara Walters
Linda Lovelace
Jack Meoff
Inside Job
You Are Sheep
M. Clitorus
Dr. Josef Mengele
Www Prisonplanet Com
Sook Me Balls
Osama Bin Laden
Goyim R. Awakened
Loose Change
Building Seven
Nine Eleven Truth
Karl Turd Blossoming
Pedo Phile
'Ima Kunt' Esq.
George Bush
Fcuk Off
Karl Marx
Ura Jackass
One Sad World
Karl Rove
Bill O Riley
Abraham Lincoln
Carrot Top
Roise Rocks
Mr Moron
Donald Trump
OJ Simpson
W.T.C Seven

I did not go thru the whole list.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Now I have to worry about fire melting my woodstove.

Real Truth Online said...

Yeah, the list is a FARCE!

Anonymous said...

Rosie for President 2008 Petition
SIgn this petition to send a message encouraging Rosie O'Donnell to run for president in 2008. We need someone who's not afraid to speak his or her mind and who is more concerned about getting at the truth than pleasing the masses.


Real Truth Online said...

EXCELLENT point about the melting woodstove!! About Rosie as Prez----I wouldnt get hysterical now anon!