Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bill O'Reilly cuts mic of US Colonel Ann Wright as she defends her service and stance

FAUX News’ new slogan should be: “We distort and censor, you decide what we WANT you to decide”

Sunday April 1, 2007

It seems the last straw that led to Bill O'Reilly cutting the mic of retired US. Army Colonel Ann Wright on The Factor Friday night 3/30/07 was her declaration of 29 years of service, and her questioning O'Reilly about how many years he served. This happened as she refused to let him silence her by overtalking, twisting her words and accusing her of blaming America for the Iran-Britain situation going on now.

Wright,who taught the Geneva Conventions to troops at Fort Bragg, might just know what she's talking about, but O'Reilly didn't like the direction of her comments so overtalked with increasing agitation, accusing her of blaming America.

Aggressive from the get go, he demanded she answer yes or no to the question whether she agrees with the UN assertion that Iran's capture of the Brits is an unprovoked act of aggression. She replied that there is still some question as to where the sailors were when they were taken, and O'Reilly dismissed that by saying “it'll never be proven." Wright continued that the main thing now is to not let this incident get ratcheted up, because the dangers of escalation are tremendous. Not good enough for O'Reilly, he badgered her and demanded again a yes or no answer. She replied (essentially) that there is no war between Iran and Great Britain so the prisoner of war rules do not apply, but advises that Iran should keep the moral high ground by not mistreating the sailors and marines. She agreed that they should not be showing photos for public curiosity but noted that we have done the same so we have given up the moral high ground. O'Reilly immediately misinterpreted her, saying "so this is our fault? This Iranian seizure is our fault?" Wright replied "No, not at all, not at all, but the treatment of prisoners and detainees..." and he cut her off, saying he wanted to stop the interview right there to tell her how she's coming across: “she answered a specific question with generalities, she flung it back on America (who "isn't even in play here") and took a slap at her own country, "madam," and viewers are going to pick up on this, “ O’ Reilly bellows.

Comment: Well sure, now that you cut her off and told them what to take from it. We report, you decide, remember?

Wright retorted that people watching need to be aware that we have very very difficult situations going on in the Middle East,where the United States has practically an entire armada across the Persian Gulf, (O'Reilly overtalked her statement here, throwing his hands up and saying he knew she was going to say that, that this is our fault) and we need to be very careful. Any escalation over whatever provocations have to be treated with care, and we appeal to the Iranians to treat the British detainees according to international law. O'Reilly said they're laughing at her appeal, as she continued to say that the US has to treat people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo according to international law also.

O'Reilly seized on that for a flamboyant rant that she's saying it's all our fault, this whole thing is our fault, it's our fault, right? As she protested he ratcheted up the drama, saying no, no, no, I'm agreeing with you, we're the evil ones, it's all our fault, we're the evil ones, right? Because that's what you're putting out there.

Comment: No, that's what YOU are putting out there. He's putting words in her mouth right there in front of everyone. He must think his viewers are dumber than dirt.

She kept denying his misinterpretation but reiterated that we are having trouble determining right from wrong, and the Bush administration has chosen a very different route from the Geneva Conventions. She appeals to the US government as she appeals to the Iranians to not subject detainees to public curiosity, humiliation, and/or intimidation in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

O'Reilly wanted to recap again, just in case.... “Wright was brought on to talk about the Iranians and the Geneva Conventions but she turned it around to slap at her own country, to diminish the Bush administration, and to "bring in all these other things" without criticizing Iran once!” (with a triumphant jab.) Wright, who apparently studied O'Reilly tapes before her appearance, kept her message coming: she diminished the Bush administration rightfully because they have been violating international law and the Geneva conventions. Tragically, the US Congress went along with it via the Military Commissions Act that gave them alternative interrogation techniques. She wants to make sure that the Iranians treat people properly and she wants to make sure the United States does the same. "Sure you do, sure you do", dismissed the gracious host, who had been overtalking the last sentences with inanities like "I'm glad you came on" and "I love the fact that you came on."
Those sarcastic "sure you do"s prompted the Colonel to say "I surely do; that's what I put 29 years of my life trying to do. The Geneva Conventions are very, very important." Chickenhawk O'Reilly overtalked her again, saying "No you didn't. You know what happened to you? Somewhere along the line, you started to dislike your own country." Wright was having none of it, and reiterated to O’ Reilly that “I served twenty-nine years; how long did you serve? When did he teach the Geneva Conventions? At that, the chickenhawk asserted his great power and ordered her mic cut.

As she continued to speak to a dead mic,O'Reilly got the last word: he wanted viewers to see that – “It’s not about Iran, not about seizure of the Brits...(dramatic pause and then he points to himself) "we're bad. That's the, and she's not alone. That's what you have."

The banner beneath the Colonel at the beginning read "U.S. Army (Ret.) Col. Ann Wright" changed to "Col.Ann Wright retired from State Dept. in opposition to Iraq war" and ended with "Anti-war activist Col. Ann Wright." Clearly O'Reilly knew her position when he invited her and tried to trap her with a yes or no question. When she failed to fall for his bait, he became rude and derogatory and wouldn't allow her to make her points without his overtalking (I had to rewind and re-listen multiple times to determine what she was saying at several points.

Watching it on TV, one would miss much of what she said as he is louder, always.) When she proudly stood up for herself and challenged him to match her service to country, he cut her off. He oversimplified her stance to suit his simplistic book's theme, to fit her in his teeny world-view. Ignore the service, ignore the expertise: she's saying the Bush administration has done something wrong so she must be terminated. I know fourth graders who conduct better interviews. I fully expect to see segments next week further misrepresenting her views and statements, just like he did last week with Sunsara Taylor and Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.
Hey, this won Billo the gold again! Watch and enjoy!


real truth said...

Never an original thought. Still waiting for the debate to begin Jas. You promised a debate when I presented FACTS, remember??????????????????

This is what dodge and deflect Neo-cons like Jas do best....repeat themselves over and over and over.

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That's great Jas. Keep posting that same piece of crap over and over. You really shred Larry to bits. You're a pathetic fuckin' asswipe!

Jas is a lot like Billo, eh?

real truth said...

Puck----it's to be expected of Jas and his ilk to didge, deflect and ignore. He gets his actions straight from the Neo-con, Leo Strauss playbook. He claims I have no facts, then challenges me to GIVE him facts, and then i DO (probably to his chagrin more facts than he was expecting) then he fucking panics and says to himself, "oh shit, how am I going to address ALL those things at once?" ----so since he can't address ALL of them, he addresses NONE of them. It's no different than what the 9/11 Commission did with the non-mention of WTC 7 from their investigations. Since they couldn't explain ALL of it, or even SOME of it---they had no choice but to address NONE of it---and THAT is the reason why you see ZERO mention of WTC 7 in the Commission report. Jas' behavior of avoidance fits like a glove into the Neo-con agendas of the New World Order who would believe gas prices are going up because of homosexuality if that's what the government tells them!!! I don't expect original thoughts from Jas or his ilk. I wouldnt want their brains to go into overload.

This is for YOU jas: I will bet you a million dollars (nah, let's make it reasonable and say $100---only because I know you have rent to pay for your trailer home) that if we met in person and debated this----I would kick your ASS with facts and you would run and hide like a scared little girl. I would even let you bring ANYTHING you wanted....Popular Mechanics books and magazines, ANY debunking material printed from the net---ANYTHING you wanted...and I will bring NOTHING but just the knowledge in my head, and I will STILL blow your ass away with facts! Up for it asshole???

I didn't think so!

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dodge, not didge----lol

Rosie O'Donnell said...

Glad to see we're on the same team guys. I don't think there were any planes either. It was all done with mirrors and special effects. Then our government fired lasers from space into the twin towers. The BBC timeframe proves it. Glad to see there's 3 of you freedom fighting intellectuals like me out there on this site but that jas character is a total nutbag. You know I bet he's not even bothering to read your fact filled posts anymore. Shame I wish your insults would hurt his feelings but alas.

I totally agree with realtruth... American's who don't believe the towers we're taken down by laser beams from space are ignorant and cowardly. As a matter of fact if they disagree with anything on this site they are ignorant, cowardly and should probably just slit their wrists!

real truth said...

We all know that's you jas you idiot. It wasn't laser beams dipshit, it was controlled explosives. And YES THERE WERE NO PLANES but they didn't use mirrors dumbass, it was green screen technology like they used in the Superman movies. I have all the Superman movies on dvd I will copy them for anyone for free so you can see what really happened. They also used green screen for Star Wars 1 through 3 but I guess you didn't see those either you cowardly idiot.

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if you continue to post under MY handle, I will go back to moderation. Posing as another is one thing I do NOT tolerate. Its childish, VERY childish.

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Its funny how people who believe the official story NEVER EVER EVER engage in intellectual debate. They resort to ignoring, dodging, deflecting, name calling, and sarcasm. Can you fuckers ever debate this intellectually? You CLAIM to have the truth!! SHOW it!!

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when you resport to POSING as the person you are arguing with---thats pretty fucking sad! VERY sad!

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