Thursday, February 1, 2007

George Carlin: Who REALLY owns America

Carlin mixes cold hard truth with side-splitting laughter
February 1, 2007


Not Me said...

Wake up and listen America, even you too anonymous, Carlin speaks the truth that Larry has been stating all along.

Real Truth Online said...

Thanks for the support 'not me'-----but as you can see, our little 'anonymous' friend has crawed back into his hole. He would say it's because I told him I will delete his messages if he posted again, but that is not what I said to "Mr. Spin".....I said if he posts again and does not answer my question I will delete it...big difference. So, basically, he's not posting anymore because he's afraid of really EASY questions. And of course, now that I've started posting videos he seems to have run for cover. If there's one thing the Neo-cons hate, it's video evidence.