Wednesday, January 31, 2007

O' Liar's New "Free" Book To The Troops Campaign: A Big Fraud....just like O' Liar!

O'Liar will send a "free" book to the troops, but only if YOU pay nearly DOUBLE the amount for the book on his website than other sites ask for!

by Larry Simons
January 31, 2007

On last night’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, O’ Liar won 2 slots on the "Worst Person in the World" segment: runner up and winner of the coveted award. Billo got the gold for launching a "buy a book (of "Culture Warrior") and a troop in Iraq gets a free copy" campaign. I can picture it now. A soldier is in the midst of enemy gunfire, fearing for his life on a daily basis with the threats of roadside bombs and rocket-propelled grenades, fearing being captured, tortured or killed by insurgents, fearing suicide bombers in every nook and cranny of Iraq…….and yet they long for a copy of "Culture Warrior" by Bill O’Reilly to make it through the hell of war. Hell, maybe Billo can REALLY be generous and send a free copy to the families of all the dead Americans and Iraqis. That would be well over 600,000 copies Billo. Are you that generous?

But as Olbermann pointed out in his lastest "Worst Person in the World" segment, Billo is charging $26.00 for his book on his website. When you spend the $26, a free copy is sent to a soldier, who I’m sure would be thrilled to skim the chapters in between pulling shrapnel from his buddies kneecap and watching insurgents shoot his fellow servicemen execution style. Olbermann then makes the point that he could just buy the book cheaper on another website (which it is cheaper on……well…..ALL of them) and send the book to the soldier PLUS the extra money he saved. Olbermann then says, "Why do you hate the troops Billo?" I thought it was an excellent point. O' Liar acts as if he is generous by sending a "free" book to a soldier, but doesn't tell his elderly audience that he is charging practically DOUBLE the amount for the book on his own site than you'd pay for it at,,, etc.. So, basically, O' Liar loses NO money by sending the extra book out. Now THAT'S generosity and sacrifice for our brave soldiers!! They give up time with their families, their own freedom and their own lives if they have to....and this prick can't even give them a goddamned FREE book! He TELLS you it's free, but as I pointed out, he loses ZERO dollars. I did some research and browsed other sites that sell the book. Here’s what other sites charge for "Culture Warrior": $13.65 (savings of $12.35-------for a troop!) $ 15.60 (savings of $10.40-------for a troop!) $15.60 (savings of $10.40-------for a troop!)
Barnes and $16.38 (savings of $9.62-------for a troop!)
Powell' $17.95 (savings of $8.05-------for a troop!)

So, WE are accused of hating the troops when in about 5 seconds, we just thought of a BETTER campaign than Billo’s? Unreal, isn’t it? Olbermann’s plan would get the book to the troop, plus an extra 13-15 bucks! Billo's offer.....only a freaking book! Come on Bill, SHOULD'NT you pay the troops to read your trash? Of course, I know Keith was saying this in jest. A better gift for the troops would be to NOT send them ANYTHING by O’Liar. Hey Billo, maybe if you had people buy a book and send something to a troop they can but you're book, they'd be happy! How about a, "buy a book, and we send the troops some armor" campaign? I mean, after all Billo, they have to be ALIVE to read the book, don't they?

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