Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bill O' LIE-ly: The lying, hypocrite that never sleeps

O' Liar attacks NBC's Andrea Mitchell because he hates Olbermann, yet ignores Scarborough's invitation to debate

by Larry Simons
January 7, 2007

The O’ Reilly sheep have the nerve to wonder why I watch Mr. Loofah 2-3 days a week! THIS is why! O ‘Liar just won’t shake this obsession he has with NBC being "far left" and "wishing for a U.S.A. loss in Iraq", but yet continually fails to give a definition of what "win" means. I guess "win" to O’ Liar means if the troops can successfully hand out 1,000,000 copies of "Culture Warrior" to smiling insurgents. Billo had NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on his show on Friday and unfairly grilled her about her network when within the same 6 minute interview he actually complimented her that she is a fair journalist. (Billo’s definition of "fair" must mean that she says nothing bad about O’ Reilly, Bush or the war. When you DO, you’re far left!) Of course, maybe the reason why Billo kisses Mitchell’s ass is because of her 10 year marriage to Neo-con and Bohemian Grove member Alan Greenspan who is also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Gee? Could that be why? Hmmmm.
We all know O’ Liar is just pissed off at Keith Olbermann (for stealing his viewers, no doubt) and is taking it out on the entire staff at NBC News. Funny how when O’ Liar is attacked by a celebrity like Rosie O’ Donnell, a newspaper or magazine, he doesn’t hesitate to name names and show audio clips or read the criticizing articles on the air. But when he’s attacking Olbermann, he never mentions his name. It’s always "that NBC commentator" or "far-left elements at NBC" or whatever he uses to avoid saying Olbermann’s name.
More hypocrisy and spin is served from loofah-boy’s lips during the interview with Mitchell when O’ Liar called Chris Matthews liberal because he worked for Tip O’ Neil. Of course, Mitchell sat there like bump on a log and didn’t say ONE WORD about O’ Liar’s boss being Roger Ailes. In 1993, Ailes became the President of CNBC. Ailes left NBC in 1996 when he was hired by Rupert Murdoch to create the FOX News Channel for News Corporation. Also unimportant to O’ Liar is that when Ailes left NBC to create FOX News, 89 employees from NBC also left with him to create the channel. My oh my, Billy-boy! What WOULD the American people think of FOX News if they knew the TRUTH----that FOX News is the offspring of NBC News? This entire interview was a charade, a fa├žade just to dupe the simpletons of America. The networks are really connected, just like the political parties are. Just like it matters not who you vote for, it matters not who you watch. FOX News is worse than any other network for the mere fact that it is chock-full of Neo-cons.
During the interview with Mitchell, Billo claimed there are no conservative thinkers at NBC. Mitchell cowardly avoided his specific question by saying, "I wouldn’t be able to name any liberals either". Why is it that even I can think of at least two (Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough) right off the freaking bat and someone who WORKS there can’t? Of course, I’m sure this made O’ Liar feel like he had made his point by silencing her. Who do these people think they’re fooling? Any thinking person (this excludes the FOX News sheep) can see that this was just a staged circus act so that Mitchell could defend NBC while at the same time not specifically mentioning Joe Scarborough because O’ Reilly KNOWS about Scarborough’s direct and specific challenge to O’ Reilly to a debate. NO ONE (besides Olbermann, maybe) has been more critical of Bush and his war policies, FOX News, Republican corruption, electronic voting machines, Rumsfeld, and now recently Saddams execution over the past 6 months than Joe Scarborough………..REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE Joe Scarborough, that is….but do you see O’ Liar saying SHIT about that? Of course not! And Mitchell couldn’t think of at LEAST Joe Scarborough? Here are some excerpts from "Scarborough Country" over the past month:

SCARBOROUGH: "I think that‘s insane, that he‘s suggesting there that NBC is rooting for America to lose in Iraq. Bill O‘Reilly has had questions about this war from the very beginning. Bill O‘Reilly knows we‘re engaged in a civil war over there. I‘m stunned. What is going on at Fox News? Why is Bill O‘Reilly claiming that my network, NBC News, is rooting for terrorists? That‘s truly insulting to me."

SCARBOROUGH: "Well, this is uncharted territory. And Josh Green, I want you, if you will, to imagine, how would Republicans have responded if President Bill Clinton had ignored the advice of all of his Joint Chiefs, his top general in the war zone, his former secretary of state, and 80 percent of Americans? Is it not a stretch to say that many Republicans would have considered impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton if this situation were identical?"

SCARBOROUGH: "And I‘ll tell you what. In the end, I guess the thing that made me the most angry about it is not because I‘m a liberal, it‘s because I‘m a conservative. It‘s not because I oppose our troops, it‘s because I support our troops, because I represented our troops for eight years on the Armed Services Committee! The people who are going to be suffering on this aren‘t people at Fox News or MSNBC, they‘re going to be the 19-year-old kids that are going to be touring Sunni neighborhoods, trying to keep things in order, and getting blown up because of the sectarian violence that‘s going to continue ripping apart the country, probably at a more intense pace because of the sloppy way that execution was handled! I think it was a disgrace. I think it was a PR disaster. But that‘s just my opinion. Bill O‘Reilly, just attack Rosie. You‘re way off base on MSNBC, on NBC and certainly on me. And I challenge you to debate me anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and find one thing I have said on this program over the past year that is not consistent with the conservative congressman who was against military adventurism when I was in Congress, that was against exploding deficits, that was against reckless spending and against turning Congress into the type of swamp that we Republicans have turned it into over the past six years! That doesn‘t make me liberal, that makes me conservative! That may make you, though, a suck-up, if you defend the Republicans that have done that to this country and to our party over the past six years!"

Way to go, Joe. Another TRUE Republican. Isn’t it also hypocritical that O’ Reilly calls anyone, and I mean ANYONE a big coward if they don’t come on HIS show when he wants to debate them? Well, falafel boy, Scarborough’s challenge to YOU has been made and it’s on the table. What say you, Billo? Listening? Or are your hands over your ears?


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above was my own post i removed---i was testing something-----of course, my anonymous friend will think otherwise----thats because he thinks the South won the Civil War, and the Titanic never sank. Black is white to him, and up is down. He doesnt reply to FACT----thats why he wont comment on O 'Liar running away from Joe Scarborough's invitation for a debate!