Monday, January 29, 2007

Limbaugh: You're with Al Qaeda if you're against War

by Larry Simons
January 29, 2007

In my Martin Luther King, Jr story 2 weeks ago on this site, I made the observation that King would be treated just as bad today if he were still alive and that the right-wing, fear mongering nut-jobs would demonize King as a traitor if he made similar statements about Iraq as he did about Vietnam. I said that Mike Gallagher would want King sent to a detention camp, and that everyone on FOX News would call King un-American or that he even hated his country. Here we have Lush Fuckballs actually tell a caller that not only will he stand with the people "the caller calls" criminals in Washington (they actually ARE criminals: Libby, Ney, Foley, Delay) but that people like the caller frightens Lugnuts more than "dealing with" al Qaeda (as if Rush Dickballs ever has to personally deal with them) When is the last time we saw that loud-mouthed tub of lard deal with al Qaeda? Don't you think that would have made the news? It's easy to be for a war when you have your big fat ass planted in a studio behind a microphone all day. Yeah, that's right people...incase my point wasn't clear, here it is: Limbaugh would have told Martin Luther King, Jr that he was FOR al Qaeda and that Limbaugh fears KING more than al Qaeda. Maybe that's true. Maybe the government feared King because of his understanding of the Constitution and what Patriotism really is....and because of King's immense world wide influence, he had to be silenced. Limbaugh would have been first in line to volunteer for the job of assassinating King as this video clip clearly illustrates.

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