Thursday, January 4, 2007

Daddy Bush Attacks JFK "Conspiracy Theorists"

Former President triumphs Warren Commission at Ford's funeral; Are the Bush's breaking down?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
January 3, 2007

During his speech at yesterday's funeral service for Gerald Ford, former President George H.W. Bush bashed JFK "conspiracy theorists" and defended the Warren Commission report, another odd public outburst indicative of a crime family whose decades of misdeeds may finally be catching up with them.
"After a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy, our nation turned to Gerald Ford and a select handful of others to make sense of that madness," said Bush. "And the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford’s word was always good."
The only thing Ford was good for was running defense for criminals when he pardoned the remorseless Richard Nixon and others after Watergate, allowing larcenous felons to walk free and leaving the legacy in place that it's OK to break the law if you are the President, a form of absolutism that has been keenly inherited by the current crop of crooks, including Dick Cheney who praised Ford for 'allowing the nation to heal' by protecting a cadre of organized crime gangsters.
Of course, all of this had nothing to do with liberals or conservatives, bricklayers or office clerks," writes Kurt Nimmo, "It had to do with breaking the law, with "dirty tricks," snooping on political opponents, sabotaging Democratic presidential candidates, going after Daniel Ellsberg for the public service he provided by bringing the Pentagon Papers to light, ordering the FBI to investigate CBS News reporter Daniel Schorr, discussing the possibility of having newspaper columnist Jack Anderson assassinated, and other crimes (evading taxes, accepting illicit campaign contributions, ordering secret bombings, and harassing opponents with executive agencies, wiretaps, and break-ins), all of it culminating in Watergate."
There's no doubt that Ford, not unlike Saddam Hussein who died days after, knew where the bodies were buried and Bush was simply eulogizing his noble service in sweeping the JFK assassination under the rug, shielding Poppy himself from serious questions about his own involvement in events at Dealey Plaza.
As Wayne Madsen comments, "The elder Bush cannot really remember where he was on November 22, 1963. He later claimed he was in Tyler, Texas although there is evidence that he was checked into the Dallas Sheraton Hotel that day. Mr. Bush, the conspiracy theorists will continue to say what they will until you start telling the truth about Zapata, deMohrenshildt, Mongoose, New Orleans, and JM/WAVE."

Bush senior's outburst marks the second time in the same amount of months that he has felt the need to publicly attack those who would normally be relegated to the fringes of political discourse by big media consensus.
During an appearance with his wife Barbara on Fox News in November, George Bush senior slammed Internet bloggers for creating an adversarial and ugly climate, echoing the rhetoric of fellow Neo-Cons and the White House itself in trashing the reputation of the world wide web and the political blogosphere.
The fact that Bush is being pressured into bad mouthing so-called "conspiracy theorists" and bloggers proves that the chorus of dissent is beginning to make these cretins lose some sleep at night.
The Bush family as a whole is starting to exhibit some seriously offbeat behavior that suggests their decades of underhand chicanery, murders, cover-ups and scams are finally beginning to catch up with them.
Last month Bush senior burst into tears during a speech at his son Jeb's leadership forum. Jeb Bush himself recently declared that he "had no future" in politics. George W. Bush's obvious deteriorating mental acumen, characterized by a consistent supply of "Bushisms," has led several commentators to conclude that the current President is in the early stages of pre-senile dementia. The Bush daughters' behavior doesn't seem to be maturing with age either after U.S. Embassy officials strongly urged them to cut short last month's escapade in Argentina.

Editor's note:
by Larry Simons

I find it odd and very ironic that daddy Bush would conveniently attack conspiracy theorists during the funeral of the very man who altered the evidence in J.F.K.'s death to dupe a country into believing there was no conspiracy. In other words, the conspiracy in J.F.K.'s death is actually very real, which is the very reason Gerald Ford moved the bullet hole from J.F.K.'s upper back to the back of his neck. The initial draft of the report stated: "A bullet had entered his back at a point slightly above the shoulder to the right of the spine."Ford wanted it to read: "A bullet had entered the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine." Ford later ADMITTED his alteration in the report by giving his reason for it. He said in a telephone interview in the late 90's, "My changes had nothing to do with a conspiracy theory,'' he said in a telephone interview from Beaver Creek, Colo. ''My changes were only an attempt to be more precise.''
Funny, we simply believe the very words and actions of others who later admit their wrongdoing, and WE are "conspiracy THEORISTS"! Simply amazing! Perhaps the most important witness in the entire J.F.K. assassination is the man who was sitting in the front seat, Governor John Connally. Here is an excerpt from a report done by Don Fulsom in November of 2006 which includes the very testimony of Governor Connally himself speaking with Arlen Spector:

"The most important eyewitness to the assassination was Gov. Connally. Questioned by Warren Commission counsel and now-U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, Connally's testimony to the Warren Commission solidly supports the Zapruder film:

Mr. Specter: In your view, which bullet caused the injury to your chest, Governor Connally?
Gov. Connally:
The second one.
Mr. Specter: And what is your reason for that conclusion, sir?
Gov. Connally: Well, in my judgment, it just couldn't conceivably have been the first one because I heard the sound of the shot … and after I heard that shot, I had the time to turn to my right, and start to turn to my left before I felt anything. It is not conceivable to me that I could have been hit by the first bullet.

Gov. Connally's vivid memories of those horrific moments never changed. And they fit a more-than-three-bullet scenario. Connally firmly believed different bullets struck him and President Kennedy. In a later interview for a TV program, Connally recalled hearing a rifle shot over his right shoulder "because that's where the sound came from." He said he saw "nothing out of the ordinary," and was in the process of turning to look over his left shoulder "when I felt a blow in the middle of my back as if someone had hit me with a double-fist … it bent me over and I immediately saw I was covered with blood and I knew I'd been hit, and I said, ‘Oh my God, they're going to kill us all.'" Connally then heard another shot and said, "I knew that the President had been fatally hit, because I heard Mrs. Kennedy then, I heard her say, ‘My God, I've got his brains in my hands.'"
In a separate comment, Connally said,
"There were either two or three people involved, or more, in this – or someone was shooting with an automatic rifle."

I guess Governor Connally was a "conspiracy NUT" too by saying there was a "first" and "second" shot, which, by definition means "conspiracy" (two or more involved/to conspire). So, we simply believe Connally's words and we are "conspiracy theorists" who hate America. I guess Connally hated America too. It boggles the mind doesn't it? Also, isn't it quite odd that daddy Bush claims he doesn't remember where he was on November 22, 1963? (who, who was alive in 1963 does'nt know that?) And daddy Bush was also at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C. on 9/11 with Shafig bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's brother.....another amazing coincidence! Wherever there's a national tragedy, Bushie-boy just seems to be there! Also, quite mind-boggling. Do me a favor daddy Bush, please never come to Hagerstown, Maryland!


Anonymous said...

In the nutty world of liberal Larry, the Bush family is to blame for Custers Last Stand, the Chicago Fire, the St Valentines Day Massacre, the Hindenburg, WWI and WWII, the Johnstown Flood, the San Fran earthquake, the two space shuttle disasters (one did break over over TEXAS) and the hurricans that hit the US over the last five years. (after all it is common knowledge evil reasearchers have invented a weather machine that created these storms and Cheney ordered them to hit the US to deflect attention from the Iraq war)

To liberal Larry, if anything goes wrong, it is Bush's fault

Real Truth Online said...

Once AGAIN, Mr "Dodge, Deflect and Ignore" is at his old tricks and tactics, IGNORING what the ENTIRE story was about! This story had very LITTLE to do with Bush, but yet your reply ONLY mentions Bush and of course you add your dimwitted sarcasm in order to DEFLECT from what the story was about, which was Gerald Ford ALTERING the evidence in the JFK assassination in order to take the ateention away from a conspiracy and the fact that Connally ADMITTED in interviews that there was more than ONE shot (constituting a CONSPIRACY). That was the whole point, but of course, you IGNORE that part of it, which was 90% of the story. Bush was only a part of this story to point out the irony that he bashes conspiracy theorists at the funeral of the man who covered up the conspiracy---and he later admitted to altering the evidence. It was expected that you'd ignore the main story and spew your sarcastic deflect and ignore babble----because you dont have the intelligence to debate anything. Everytime you IGNORE one of my points, you're basically admitting it's true---so thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ford was doing what the Bush family told him to do. (They made him anoffer he could not refuse)

Real Truth Online said...

more didge and deflect-----my point solidified AGAIN---thanks

Real Truth Online said...

dodge , that is---------I correct my typos

Anonymous said...

Try correcting the nerves that have detached from your brain

Real Truth Online said...

Good job with more DODGE and DEFLECT----more insults. Insults are natural when you cant address FACTS! Whats wrong? Cant admit that I totally burned you by pointing out that you didnt mention ONE WORD about Ford or Connally? Hmmmm...why didnt you mention Connally's testimony? Hmmm?? Why????

Anonymous said...

You are the king of insults and use of profanity Larry. This is your common response to facts you cannot dispute

That is why you have been banned from numerous blogs

Real Truth Online said...

Why dont you address Connally's testimony? Was Connally an American-hating kook too? Answer that, if you have the guts.

Real Truth Online said...

Guess the fucker couldnt address Connally's testimony------I win

Anonymous said...

All the evidence points to a lone gunman. On the History Channel, I saw a special where they used modern computer technology, and enhanced computers to listen to the recordings of Police communications to show there were not other gunmen.

Of course to you, they used all Haliburton equipment, Hailburton paid techs, and the findings were all approved by the Bush family

Your kook conspiravy theories know no bounds Larry. You are the type of nut who goes out of his way to look for things to bitch about, to find things that offend you, and reasons to launch to another profanity laced tirade

Real Truth Online said...

so Connally saying there was MORE THAN ONE SHOT is a CONSPIRACY? I didnt ask you about some TV show, I asked you WHAT YOU THINK OF JOHN CONNALLY SAYING THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE SHOT? Will you EVER answer that?? Im guessing NO. Because you CANT!

Real Truth Online said...

i meant to say " a conspiracy THEORY?"

Anonymous said...
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Real Truth Online said...

only uninformed, uneducated assholes believe in the single bullet theory--thats why YOU do. Gerald Ford didnt even accept it, thats why he ALTERED THE EVIDENCE AND ADMITTED IT, as I ALREADY pointed out! But like everything else, you IGNORE it. So far, you've ignored NORTHWOODS, CONNALLY'S TESTIMONY and GERALD FORD ALTERING EVIDENCE. What else will you ignore? As promised, you are DELETED until you can address Connally's testimony. Just simple TALKING about the Warren Commission is NOT addressing it. Address Connally's TESTIMONY---nothing else about the JFK story BUT that.