Monday, January 22, 2007

"Congressional approval" and other Democratic Party deceptions

Larry Chin
Online Journal

January 22, 2007

Washington's top Democrats, led by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, issued a "warning" to President Bush "not to start a war with Iran without the approval of Congress."
Study the wording carefully: "not to start a war without the approval of Congress." The Dems are not warning the Bush administration not to start the war. Far from it. They are only asking Bush-Cheney-Rice to start it after giving Congress a piece of the action, and going through the (allegedly legitimizing) process of collusion and "consensus."
We can, therefore, assume that what the Democrats want is to be presented with another round of cooked intelligence and lies, and "closed door" backroom deals; to be informed, the same way they were informed prior to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq -- both of which the Democrats overwhelmingly approved. Perhaps the Dems want to be presented with another thick pile of documents, as they were with the USAPATRIOT Act, which they also overwhelmingly approved.
The fact is, virtually every single criminal action taken by the Bush administration since 2001 has come with the approval of Congress, and the spineless Democrats. Every "war on terrrorism" atrocity. Every malodorous federal appointment. Every deathblow dealt to the Constitution. Every act of war.
The Bush administration is in the process of provoking and setting up Iran for an attack. The White House press office is lying, claiming that there is no plan to attack Iran. (But that is the job of the White House press office.) Condoleeza Rice has already admitted that Bush personally gave orders for the Iran operations "several months ago." The Dem leadership has not questioned any of these latest criminal acts.
Meanwhile, Pelosi and Reid have refused to cut or cap funding for Bush's "surge," thereby ensuring that more young Americans are sent to the Middle East meat grinder to die. They refuse to entertain the idea of impeaching any members of the Bush administration, despite the fact that impeachable offenses have occurred on a daily basis for years.
The Democrats have even done the Bush administration proud by pushing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission into law, pushing America one more step towards a full police state. Not one of the insipid legislative motions made during their first "100 Hours" means a thing next to this.
It is the Democrats, Washington's supreme enablers, who must be "held accountable," for their duplicity, and for their refusal to fulfill the only two demands Americans voters made upon them in November: stop the war, and remove the Bush administration from power.


Anonymous said...

Gee Larry seems like you were played for a sucker by your beloved Dems. It did not take you long to has a fit because they are not kissing the kook lefts ass as you hoped

Real Truth Online said...

"beloved" Dems? I have told you REPEATEDLY asshole, Im NOT a Democrat---I am NOT a Republican---I am an Independant---a free thinker. I am not held down by the clutches of a particular party like YOU are. I look for the TRUTH in ANY matter, regardless the affliation or party. I knew before Pelosi was even appointed Speaker that she was as asskisser. Party really means nothing to me---if it did, I would be like YOU and only kiss the ass of my party and demonize the OTHER party...but as you clearly see on my site, I have done negative stories so far on Pelosi and Rangle and have exalted Ron Paul because of the ISSUES and what they STAND for. Dont you get it? Since you possess the TRUTH as you claim, why do you PURPOSELY ignore my question: Are you a Christian? if so, which branch? Catholic, Protestant? Why would you ignore this?

Anonymous said...

So now liberal Larry is ranting he is not a Dem. LOL!

You are a member in good standing with the kook left

You were played for a sucker son. No impeachment. No tax increases. No chicken shit retreat from Iraq.

The Bush tax cuts continue to bring in great economic news. Another record on the Dow. The Federal deficit continues to drop

My you must be so pissed off today with all this great news

Real Truth Online said...

.....hmmmmmm, sitting here wondering how that answered my qustion. See, this is what we constantly get from the "TRUTHFUL", "CHRISTIAN" right-wingers------DIDGE, DEFLECT and IGNORE. I ask SIMPLE, EASY questions like "Are you a Christian?" and you get comments like the one above----psychobabble and rhetoric that has NOTHING to do with the question put forth. Now, will you answer my question? or more D/D/I? Are you a Christian? (by the way, Jesus would answer this question)

Anonymous said...

You spend your days bashing America, Pres Bush, the military, and you carry the water for the Dems

Now they turn their back on you, break their promises, and now you are left all alone in your misery


Real Truth Online said...

Let me know when the cops come by or contact you for your death threat. See, you should have answered my question.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking Larry. No treat was issued - only in your warped mind

Real Truth Online said...

But yet you still didnt answer my question-----it must suck to be too scared to answer questions of people you call 'kooks'. Can't even answer a 'kook's' question---that makes you look REAL good!