Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush's War Machine Revs Up. How Many Soldiers Have to Die Before this Dangerous Fool Realizes That It's Over?

November elections clearly state Americans want war to end; Bush gives America the finger by sending more to die
by Andy Ostroy
January 9, 2007

Back in November, an overwhelming majority of voters sent a loud anti-war message to President Bush by punishing Republicans and giving decisive victories--and control of both houses of Congress--to Democrats. Did he get the message? What do you think? In true Bush "it's-my-ball" arrogance and stubbornness, the Decider-in-Chief will go before the American public tomorrow evening and make his request to send 20,000 more soldiers to Iraq in a "troop surge" designed to regain control over Baghdad. That's right. Election, shmection, I'm the Decider. Remember, this is a guy who, with 51% of the vote in '04, proudly claimed he had a "mandate." It's been 3 1/2 years and 3000 dead soldiers since the worst military blunder in U.S. history began. It's such an obvious failure that even the generals on the ground are saying more troops will not accomplish Bush's goals. Mind you, this is the same president that's on record as saying that the generals will be the ones to decide when and if more troops are needed. And the same president who said that sending more troops will send a message to the enemy that they're winning. But this dangerous fool couldn't care less what anyone thinks because, as long he doesn't pull out, he hasn't lost. As long as he keeps us fighting, in his delusional head, there's still a chance of winning. It's like those internet stocks I still hold from the 90's that are virtually worthless. I haven't lost anything until I sell, right? Does this maniacal war-monger really think that by sending 20,000 more troops we'll be getting any closer to achieving our long-range goals in that country (whatever the hell those goals are)? That we'll secure Baghdad? That we'll regain control of the Sunni Triangle and send a strong message to Muqtada Al Sadr's al Mahdi army and other Shiite militia that Democracy will prevail? Of course not. Just like every other time the U.S. intensified its military efforts. This is a country that mocks the U.S. A country led by a defiant Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who's made it clear he's running the country, not Bush. A country that punished it's former torturous dictator by hastily hanging him and taunting him. They've clearly come a long way, huh? Un-Curious George should be proud of the thriving Democracy he's created.With Iraq already mired in large-scale civil war, the last thing we should be doing is sending more young men and women to die in Bush's quagmire. It's pathetic the level of denial our president is in. And if it's not denial, it's something worse: intentionally ignoring the facts on the ground, choosing to send soldiers to die because he can't stomach the thought of losing. Well, some battles are won and some are lost. And this one's over. Someone needs to stop this maniac before he kills again and again and again.

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