Friday, January 19, 2007

Ann Coulter: "Iraq is like California and Baghdad is like L.A."

No wonder Coulter-geist supports Bush's Iraq policy....she thinks it's Los Angeles!

by Larry Simons
January 18, 2007

Like a trip to the bathroom to take one of those painful shits that feels like broken glass is slicing its way through your anal crevasse.......Ann Coulter's mouth is know it's bound to happen at some dread it, but you know it's just don't know when, where you will be or how painful it will be. On Wednesday nights Hannity & Colmes show, Alan Colmes was discussing Bush's new Iraq policy with Satan herself Ann Coulter (why these FOX News baffoons think she is an expert on military policy, God only knows). At one point in the segment, Coulter even says , "The number of American deaths have been going down every year.." Yippie Ann! Time for celebration! If it's one thing that makes me happy about Iraq, it's that fewer Americans are dying every year! Jesus, where do they find people on this planet that actually call death a POSITIVE thing?????
Alan Colmes then asks her, "Where are the successes in the Bush Iraq policy?" And, just when you think you haven't yet heard the most outrageous and STUPID thing Coulter has ever uttered.....all bets are off when she excretes, "Umm, for....I mean, basically...the, is like California with Baghdad as L.A. with ya know, the hispanics fighting the's Baghdad, and we don't talk about California being in a civil war". Seconds later she says, "There is gang warfare in L.A...that's what you have, you have the Crips and the Bloods in Baghdad... that's where all the fighting is..the number of American deaths have been going down, we've held three elections, and we're killing alot of foreign terrorists...ones who might be in New York setting off bombs or flying planes into buildings if we weren't over in Iraq, but we just get the same old 'we're losing, we're losing, head for the hills' from Democrats..." First of all, do I really have to explain to you how idiotic, false and drug-induced these comments really are? I don't, do I? Ok, what the hell, I'll tell you. First of all, incase anyone reading this doesn't know, California is a state in the United States. Los Angeles is a city that is in California which is in the United States. It is not Iraq, it is nothing LIKE Iraq and will never BE like Iraq. And if you, Satan, think it is, well, why don't you enlist, put on your fatigues and grab your guns and ammo and GO THERE! Let me know if you run into any celebrities, any movie studios or even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself--k? You're comparing car bombs, roadside bombs, suicide bombers, rocket-propelled grenades and mass killings to the Crips and the Bloods? This woman is more delusional than O' Liar, Hannity, Mike Gallagher and Rush Limbaugh combined! And that takes some doing!! No wonder she supports the surge---she thinks L.A. is Baghdad!

I came across an article recently (from June 2006) that said Ann Coulter spends a hell of a lot of time in Los Angeles. (Read below)
Interesting. Why would someone (who claims that the hellish, out of control Iraq is like L.A.) spend so much time in such a place? This just strengthens my plea for Coulter-geist to enlist and support our troops by joining them in this quagmire that Bush has thrown these young men and women into. Coulter is technically correct when she says American deaths have been going down every year, but let's put this in perspective with no spin involved. Whenever you hear someone say "numbers are going down" you tend to conjure up significant numbers. Here are the number of American deaths by year and you tell me (despite Coulter being technically correct) if these are the "significant" drop in numbers you were thinking:
2003- 486 deaths
2004- 848 deaths (up by 362, but you can't count differential between 2003 and 2004 since 2003 was not a full year)
2005- 846 deaths (down by a mere TWO)
2006- 821 deaths (down by 25)
So, you have "down by 2" and "down by 25". Are these numbers high enough to really begin to brag or celebrate that the numbers are "going down"? My position is: I want the deaths to be ZERO. But, if I say "pull the troops out" I'm labeled a far-left kook who wants America to lose the war, despite that fact that the far-right just refuses and refuses and refuses to tell ANYONE what WIN means! I'm all for free speech and giving people the right to speak, but FOX News does have the right to not even ask this babbling idiot to appear on the show....but what do you expect? It's FOX News. They don't know any better.


Anonymous said...

At least Fox has a Democtrat on to debate Republicans - unlike PMSNBC

BTW I fould this very funny. Now Keith hates the TV show '24"

He see a vast right wing conspiracy in the show

So Keith Olbermann doesn’t like the hit television series “24” or the hit conservative media blog NewsBusters. Somebody knock me over with a feather.

Considerably more shocking is KO wasting airtime offering these opinions to his viewers as if they’d be at all surprised by his feelings on these subjects. Oh, that’s right – that’s what he does five nights a week for MSNBC. And they pay him for it.

Potentially just as comical is someone wasting bandwidth pointing out somebody pointing out what is obvious? I feel your pain, but would like to ameliorate it by suggesting that Olbermann’s distaste for an award-winning television program might give us great insight into how the media clearly don’t believe that terrorism is a threat to this nation.

Maybe more importantly, their goal is to diminish the country’s perception that such a threat exists so the citizenry will end up viewing the Bush administration and conservatives as being the real enemy thereby making Democrat successes at the polls more likely.

To achieve this, press representatives such as Olbermann dutifully challenge all references to terrorism, belittling not only those making them but those foolish enough to believe them, and, whenever possible, tying their origin to the Administration regardless of how tangentially or speciously.

To examine the viability of this premise, let’s analyze some key statements and questions uttered by Olbermann on Tuesday’s “Countdown” as reported by the MRC’s Brent Baker:

Is 24 just entertainment or is it propaganda designed to keep people thinking about domestic terrorism to keep us scared?
Fox portrays a fictionalized America riddled with terrorists, which helps keep part of the real America convinced we might really be riddled with terrorists…Gripping drama or thinly veiled propaganda?
The fear is fictional on the series 24, but is the intent to spark real fear among real Americans? Fear that can be turned into political gain.
It's a familiar tactic for grabbing and holding the public's attention beloved by both the Bush administration and, just as another example, Fox News Channel.
Is 24 propaganda? Is it fearmongering? Or is it a program-length commercial for one political party?
But if the irrational right can claim that the news is fixed to try to alter people's minds or that networks should be boycotted for nudity or for immorality, shouldn't those same groups be saying 24 should be taken off of TV because it's naked brainwashing?
Is there some tangible way that this could actually help a President who has relied, who has campaigned on, you know, our party will protect you and the other guys, well, you're on your own?

Real Truth Online said...

Will you EVER EVER EVER EVER have a thought of your own instead of CONTINUALLY copying and pasting? By the way, when will you answer my question on Connally's testimony that there was more than one bullet fired?
Supporting Coulter only shows one thing: You are mentally ill. Ive decided not to delete any more of your comments. From now on, when you copy and paste and dont provide the author and you pass it off as your own, I just wont respond. If you want a response---post your OWN thought--if you get one.

Real Truth Online said...

I also noticed you didnt post anything under the Martin Luther King story-----too much truth for you to reply to tweds? Oh, and by the way, if I tell you not to email me through my regular email, that counts HERE to. I can find out who exactly is posting to me, so if your twedds, you should stop now.

Anonymous said...

So you are ignoreing the recent rant by your idol Keith? Typical lib - ignore the message and attack the messenger.

Both of you see conspiracies everywhere you go and in everything you see

You and Keith are like two nuts in a padded room

Real Truth Online said...

Even your loofah-loving phone sex operator O' Reilly agreed with the points made tonight by an Islamic man he had on his show----but heres what blew me away! When O' Liar tried making the point that these TV shows are fictional and they shouldnt be taken seriously, the Muslim guy said "If this show was vilifying black people, we wouldnt even be talking now because the outrage over it would be felt all over"---(WHICH IS A GREAT POINT!)----then, O' Liar says "Well they did it with Roots..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME O' REILLY? HE COMPARES 24 WITH ROOTS?
ROOTS? The story of African Americans de-humanized by slavery? This book and mini-series was a look into the struggles of slavery and how blacks were persecuted. In a sense, this book made blacks feel proud to be black and proud that they had come so far from being enslaved. How can O' Liar compare this to 24 which VILIFIES and DEMONIZES Muslims and portrays them as killers? PLUS, our society is immersed in political correctness now, you cant say SHIT these days without being treated like you're Hitler for saying it! They didnt have political correctness in the 70's when Roots was on. You had Archie Bunker saying the word "Fag" on the air, and TV shows depicting blacks living in poverty (Good Times), (Sanford and Son)----my god, they couldnt have a show like that on these days---it would create outrage. I hope O' Liar gets booted off the air over the whole Shawn Hornbeck thing and his outrageous comments about him! Get your head out of your ass for a change.

Anonymous said...

Yes Larry, you would love to silence anyone who disagrees with you.

You hate O'Reilly, Rush, and Sean because they expose libs for what they are. You hate anyone who decides to watch them. (I thought you libs were for choice or is that only for abortion and if they decide to watch what you want them to watch?)

As far as 24 - not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim

Real Truth Online said...

Theres things you just cannot say or you will be gone. Like Lush Fuckballs saying that thing about Donovan McNabb when he was with ESPN, he was gone! Like when Bill Maher said the 9/11 hijackers were brave, he was gone from his Politically Incorrect show---just cant say them or youre gone. What O' Liar said was one of those things. Its not about free speech---its about insensitive and offensive comments hurting and infuriating masses of people! Just for your info, Im AGAINST abortion----another knife in your back huh? God, you just hate hearing that, dont you? Not all Republicans are assholes, but most assholes are Republicans!

Anonymous said...

What Rush said was not racist. The liberal media always elevates blacks no matter what they have accomplished. They gave him glowing coverage even though he never won a championship.

Rush is still King of Talk Radio and his newletter is growing. He is still pissing off libs daily and has not been harmed by the hit pieces the liberal media write about him

Mayer is still ranting but on HBO (with the number of viewers as Keith) and nobody notices. Libs do not attract a big audience and perhaps the netowrks kep their shows on for a tax write off

No, libs just want anyone who disagrees with them off the air, so libs can go back to the good ol days when they decided what to report and how to report it

"24" is driving libs nuts when they expose the insane PC way libs look at terrorism. If the Muslims do not like the show - do not watch it. If libs do like O'Reilly, Rush, or Dean - do not watch them

Of course what pisses off libs is when people is huge numbers choose to watch them and ignore thier shows

Keith is still in last place in his time slot and may go the way of Air America. Then libs can rant about still another right wing conspiracy

Real Truth Online said...

who is Mayer? I believe his name is MAHER-----get it RIGHT, tweddle, the non-speller. I noticed you had no comment in reply to me saying im AGAINST abortion. You only see what you wanna see and hear what you wanna hear. Keith is our Edward R. Murrow---John Dean said that to me when I met him. You're just pissed off at John Dean because he brought down your Republican criminal Nixon (the fact that Dean is a Republican ALSO escapes you). Keep on copying and pasting your replies, it's so fun watching you squirm. Hey tweds, why dont you create a blog of your own? Or arent you that smart? I bet youd NEVER have a story written by yourself on it. In fact you can call your site

Real Truth Online said...

by the way, any answer on Connally's testimony yet? I didnt think so......and WHO ignores WHO????? Ive only asked that question 50 times always claim I repeat myself----thats because YOU DONT ANSWER!

Real Truth Online said...

hey tweds, answer me just ONE easy question since you cant handle the hard ones. Just answer this----very easy question: Are you a Christian? Yes or no