Wednesday, November 22, 2006

O' Liar: I Will Name FOX News' Enemies When I Get Back (Start with Murdoch)

Self-proclaimed "savior" O' LIEly takes credit for the Simpson cancellations.....thank you Lord Liar

by Larry Simons
November 22, 2006

Bill O’ Liar is full of so much bullshit, I just can’t keep up with this guy! It’s a freaking full-time job to sift through his lies and spin. But I wouldn’t be doing you, the reader, or our country justice if I brought you anything short of the truth. It all started last week when O’ Liar tried to distance himself from the O.J. Simpson interview and book by bellowing, "FOX News has nothing to do with FOX broadcasting".

Well, I must confess, The Real Truth didn’t include ALL the facts in the O.J. post. I did include that Rupert Murdoch owns News Corporation, but I apologize for leaving out that Roger Ailes is also the Chairman for both and News Corporation also owns Harper Collins, the publisher that was to release the Simpson book! O.K., so I guess O’ Liar is correct by saying "FOX News has NOTHING to do with FOX Broadcasting" as long as you don’t count both entities having the same owner, the same chairman, the fact that FOX broadcasting regularly airs FOX News content---oh, and News Corp. owns Harper Collins. So, throw out all those connections and O’ Liar is correct.

Days later, O’ Liar called those who linked Fox News with the O.J. Simpson interview "far left loons". O’ Liar also described them as "kool-aid zombies" who are "doing the bidding of far left fanatics" who want "to tie Fox News in with the O.J. Simpson situation."

It just so happens, in addition to the above mentioned connections between FOX News and the O.J. situation, Fox News has also referenced the Simpson affair MORE times in the last five days than the other three leading cable news networks combined, according to a database search. According to TVEyes, FOX News made 417 references to Simpson between Nov. 15 - Nov. 20 (3:30 PM). During the same period, there were 414 references to Simpson on CNN, MSNBC, and Headline News.

On Monday’s broadcast of the O’ Reilly Factor, O’ Liar called into his own show while vacationing out of the country to utter these lies to his sheeple and to fill-in host Laura Ingraham:

"It’s a culture war victory, the folks did it…and I was the messenger" (YOU were the messenger Billo? So, in other words, YOU were the ONLY one that was appalled by this? Larry King, Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough…none of THOSE guys weren’t disgusted?)

"this should put to rest once and for all the independence of FOX News" (what should put it to rest? FOX cancelling a show and a book that ONLY FOX had the inhumanity to financially endorse?)

"what other network would have allowed its commentators to go on and to slam, to hammer the programming arm? (what other network would have said YES to this in the first place O’ LIEly? REMEMBER, NBC VEHEMENTLY TURNED THIS DOWN! FOX DIDN’T, DID THEY?)

"FOX News has nothing to do with FOX broadcasting, I’ve made that quite clear" (I’ve already covered this lie)

"FOX News stepped up big and once we did the folks got it, because obviously we have a very big reach and when the folks heard it….they let FOX know, and to its credit News Corporation led by Rupert Murdoch said ‘ok, we heard ya, we’re not gonna run it’, they did the right thing" (FOX News stepped up big? They thought NOTHING of the families of the victims and insensitively financially endorsed a show and a book for a killer and they listen to the protests, angry emails, letters and calls----of which I’m SURE were threats to never watch FOX again unless they pulled it-------then they cancel it and that’s STEPPING UP Billo? To its credit Rupert Murdoch said ‘ok, we heard ya, we’re not going to run it’? To its CREDIT? Are you kidding me Billo? What about the credit to NBC for saying NO in the first place?? Isn’t this the journalistic equivalent of a kidnapper who kidnaps a child, and then days later gives it back and says "Sorry, here’s your kid back. I saw your protests and outcry on T.V. and decided to give it back" and then the kidnapper is CREDITED as a savior for returning the child? Does the kidnapper still not get punished, or does he go through life known as a hero for returning a child?)

"we’re making tremendous strides in this country and this proves it…and I think the people see this and I think we’ll have more of this and the bad guys are on the run, and do you know what’s going to be really facinating? To see how the enemies of the FOX News channel in the next few days, to see how they spin this…and when I come back on Monday I’m gonna just list them, all down…." (Bad guys? You mean Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and every other executive at News Corporation? Enemies of FOX News spin this? You mean say that Rupert Murdoch does NOT own News Corporation? You mean say that News Corporation does NOT own Harper Collins? You mean say that FOX News didn’t reference the O.J. special and book MORE than MSNBC, CNN and Headline News COMBINED? Is that what you mean by SPIN Billo? Make sure when you get your pen and list the enemies…..put Murdoch’s name first pal!)

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