Thursday, November 30, 2006

Earth to O' Liar: There is NO war on Christmas!!!

The loofah-loving lunatic admits on his own show that so-called "war" on Christmas is "petty". Shut the hell up then, O' Liar!

by Larry Simons
November 29, 2006

I have admitted to watching The O’ Reilly Factor 2-3 times a week in order to monitor the lies that O’ Liar loves to spew onto the American public and any other country in the world unfortunate enough to carry FOX News.

O’ Liar continues his tiresome tirade about the "war on Christmas", which apparently is only taking place inside the vacuum better known as his head. It’s no mystery that O’ Liar’s ratings have dropped significantly within the past year and this Christmas "war" bullshit is an obvious outcry to win back some of the sheep that once tuned in to the Neo-con windbag, but have moved on to more truthful sources like Playboy magazine, the National Inquirer or the graffiti on bathroom walls.

Maybe this Christmas crap boosted his ratings last year and since seeing his ratings decline in 2006, O’ Blowhard is panicking and resorts now to his old tricks of trying to convince loyal FOX News sheeple that there is actually a nationwide conspiracy to abolish Christmas. Funny how O’ Liar’s brain works……TONS of evidence in a 9/11 cover-up?? NO conspiracy………1 or 2 retailers not saying "Merry Christmas"?? national conspiracy! It’s clear now that O’ Windbag is panicking and his show is about the equivalent to a 3rd class passenger on the Titanic.

On Monday’s telecast of The O’ Reilly Factor, O’ Liar trashed retailer Crate & Barrel because of a statement made by company spokeswoman Betty Kahn in a local newspaper. Kahn said, "We’re absolutely not going to say ‘Merry Christmas’". O’ Liar went on to say, "a spokeswoman for the Crate & Barrel chain pronounced that store personnel will not say "Merry Christmas, which angered The Factor. It's just so small and dumb. If you're going to annoy me like this, I am not going to your store and buy any lamps"……. "It's annoying. Isn't it? I mean, I'm not going to go there because it's annoying, for no other reason than, Betty, you're annoying!"

No, Billo, you're annoying! I guess little facts don’t matter to Billo, like the fact that the spokeswoman was asked if employees there were required to say Merry Christmas to customers. She said no, they weren‘t required. They could if they wanted to. Crate and Barrel didn‘t think it was any of their business to tell their employees what they could or couldn‘t say. Again, more SPIN from the NO FACT zone.

From the above statements, it’s clear that Miss Kahn’s meaning behind, "we’re not going to say Merry Christmas" was a general comment suggesting that employees of Crate & Barrel would not seek to offend their wide variety of clientele by exclusively saying "Merry Christmas". It was a business decision and is something that is clearly understood by anyone, except for Bill O’Reilly and his Neo-con wanna-be followers.

Also unimportant to O’ LIEly, the FACT that Crate & Barrel’s own website has the word "Christmas" all over the place. Under the "SHOP" icon, there is a link titled "Christmas". There is a Christmas browse section. On that page you can search for Christmas Entertaining or Christmas Decorating! How dare those secular progressives try to disguise their "REAL" agenda under the term "CHRISTMAS"!

It is one of the characteristics of Neo-cons to attempt to paint this false picture that liberals are taking over the country in order to abolish traditional America. Neo-cons deceive society into believing that liberals want to destroy the most sacred American traditions so the average American won’t stand for it, thus "hating" liberals, or voting conservative in order to put more people against liberalism. And yes, Neo-cons will stop at nothing to push this agenda…..even so far as to create an issue where it doesn’t exist at all, or never has existed.

Enter the "war on Christmas"….one such example of this Neo-con brainwashing. Christmas is among the top American traditions, and Neo-cons know that. So, the Neo-cons get together and "create" this conspiracy against Christmas, when in reality it’s happening in 4 or 5 places in the entire country. President Bush has abolished Habeas Corpus, has all but made our precious Constitution obsolete, and has ignored the Geneva Conventions, all things that should really be at the top of the list that angers EVERY single American….but no, will FOX News tell you this? Of course not, because it is a Neo-con President that is destroying our freedoms and shitting on our Constitution..……..yet the REAL enemy is Crate & Barrel, Best Buy or any other retailer that doesn’t say "Merry Christmas".

Psst….Billo..….I wanna whisper something in your ear…….no one cares who says "Merry Christmas" and who doesn't! O’ Liar ADMITTED on his show it’s a "petty" issue, yet he keeps running his trap about it. He’s running the oldest play in the FOX News/Neo-con handbook: When an issue doesn’t exist, create one.

Why don’t you defend Habeas Corpus Billo? Why don’t you put the same fire under your ass for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights? If O’ Reilly and the likes of him want so desperately to become the Christmas police, then they must go 100% or shut the hell up once and for all. If Billo REALLY cared about the Christianization of Christmas, then why isn’t he protesting Christmas trees, Christmas holly, mistletoes, gift giving or yule logs? All stem from pagan beliefs, but yet we all practice this, as if they come straight from the teachings of Jesus.

Personally, I celebrate Christmas with gift giving, a Christmas tree, holly, etc. but I also do not give a rat's ass either if Wal-Mart or K-Mart wants to say Happy Holidays. It won't prevent me from shopping there. The term "holidays" applies to the season, does it not? Christmas and New Year's Day are "holidays" are they not? Saying "holidays" is an accurate description of the season, is it not? You see, it’s not about Christmas at all people…’s about the demonization of liberalism by Neo-cons.

The real enemy here is the power of the media over the weak-minded in this country. It’s all an illusion and the illusionists are the Neo-cons at FOX News.


Real Truth Online said...

i see the chicken shit has stopped posting. Guess he cant refute my stories. He doesnt reply when I post positive stories from good, real Republicans or negative stories from Democrats. I guess I dont fit his "far-left" mold when I recognize good and bad from both parties. See this site is about the truth. The truth is non-partisan.

Anonymous said...

Best story thus far. The pic was hysterical. Still laughing!! Keep up the good work. Oops! Posted this comment under wrong story the first time. It was meant for the 'Xmas War' story, not Charlie Rangel. Sorry.

Real Truth Online said...

Of course we will keep up the good work, it's all about the truth here. We will "stay the course".

Anonymous said...

actually i stopped cause you NEVER answered any of my questions, and then you resorted to threats to stop me, only because you were afraid to answer any of them. so stop your SPINNING of why istopped posting.

Real Truth Online said...

you even IGNORED the story from Ron Paul when you WAS posting. By the way, it wasnt a THREAT, it was a BLUFF, and it worked----it got me the TRUTH. Know how I know who you are? Because I only told TWO people about this site that don't believe the conspiracy of 9/11. The other guy I told spells even worse than YOU do, and he uses key buzz words that you dont use much. So, once again---BURNED! Why, oh beholder of truth that you claim to be do you hide behind this mysterious cloak when we BOTH know youre my brother? Why dont you just admit who you are? Do you really expect me to believe you knew NOTHING of my site, and then one night, while browsing (by the way, you cant even look this site up, it's not registered in any search engine listings) you just stumbled upon my site and then BINGO, you miraculously just happened to find a site done by your brother, and he starts talking about you on the site and says stuff about you-----and THEN, when he DOES say stuff about you, you claim to be ANOTHER person but yet you DEFEND this other total stranger that you DENY being when there was absolutely NO reason to defend him? If you're not the person who Im saying you are, why when I said "do you want me to make that call?" didnt you just say "ok, call, who gives a crap? its not ME, so who cares?" You're pathetic. No wonder your life is a miserable failure----you live under this phony charade, disagreeing with people JUST to disagree with them----spinning and twisting shit just so you can ARGUE and debate someone, and when you find yourself LOSING the battle (which is EVERY SINGLE TIME) you get LOUD, you talk OVER people and just repeat the same old lies over and over just to drown out the person who speaks LOGICALLY and TRUTHFULLY, and then when you're tired of being loud and you're actually faced with a tough question and you have no more bullshit ammo in your arsenal of spin, you KICK THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! You live the way you want to...look whats it's gotten you.....NOTHING. Your legacy will be that no one wanted to be around you, except for the people that illegally live with you, who basically support your worthless crusade of Ebay shopping and dice baseball. You live in your cave and never come out, and yet you know MORE than the people who are actually OFF their keister and out in the world DOING SOMETHING about their beliefs. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR BELIEFS??? (among the MANY questions you NEVER answered). WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? i'll tell you-----------ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I guess you actually think there's a war on Christmas too---LOL. I actually called Betty Kahn and SPOKE to her----I bet a million fucking dollars even O'LIAR DIDNT DO THAT!!!!! Im sure every word of my post will be ignored----I expect it. I dont expect you to address intellectual debate. I expect you to IGNORE intelligence, and you do EVERY TIME, like clockwork, because you are a Neo-con, war and hate-mongering globalist bootlicker who damns the very political party that gives him all of his benefits to live on!!! A TRUE hypocrite---you fit RIGHT into the Republican party like a glove.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is i've ansered your questions, and you've answred none of mine, looks like to me your doing the ignoring, but why let facts get in the way?
you've never addressed anything i've asked, why?
no one threatens as a bluff, they use it when they have no other choice, you know, like when you have no answers.
you couldn't beat me with facts, so you used threats, your only weapon.
i beat you with facts you couldn't dispute, cause if you could have you would ahve answered my questions, so you used threats, not to beat me, but to quiet me, your pathetic, you complain about not debating, then you don't debate, you run, and threaten.
so going to NY for a photo op, and shaking the hands of 1 of the conspiritors who planted bombs, doinf something for your beliefs?, lol. you did that to pat yourself on the back, nothing more, nothing less, lol.
please tell you did more, i've done more for my truths just by making you look like an idiot.
which wasn't hard to do btw.
the only responses i get from you is cursing, name calling, and threats, thats your answers to everything? thats the answers you give when questioned by someone?
gee, looks like you don't have much "truth" in your arsenal, but you do have a ton of crap.
this is my last post to you, since there's no point cause you refuse to answer anything i ask, but we both know who won, the 1 who answered questions won, which would be me, the 1 who refused to answer anything lost, which would be you.
btw, now that your not working, you have tons of time to take more trips, so where you going next? what rally are you participating in?
please don't say 1 trip is it, you must be doing more.
see i don't have to do squat for what i believe, cause its the truth, and can't be refuted, you on the other hand have to work for yours, cause its crap, and you need to convince people of your crap, that takes more work, and effort, but it doesn't equal truth, somehow you've come to believe it does, why?, its your only hope.

Real Truth Online said...

same ole blah de blah de blah de blah de blah post-----same ole same ole same ole shit. Good job admitting you havent done SHIT for your beliefs---and who said i wasnt working? Im not the one that SPONGES off the government and who lives off the money received by my girlfriend and her child like YOU do, and who gets government assistance created by DEMOCRATS, the very party you HATE. Do you realize the Republican message is "DONT DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT"? SO WHY ARE YOU, LOSER? Im glad its your last post----you never did tell me what you thought of my POSITIVE story on Ron Paul (Republican) and my NEGATIVE story on Rangel (Democrat)-----gee, that just blows your whole theory that I love Democrats and hate Republicans, doesnt it? I love the TRUTH, thats why I post these stories. If you had a blog (if you can figure out how to do it) it would just be an online version of O' Liars show or website, and Im sure youd NEVER write a story YOURSELF. If Im wrong, prove it to me. Create your own blog and write your own stories. Cant do it, can you? You need a free-thinking brain first. Im sure you wouldnt be able to post anything until 9pm every night (when O'Liar's show ends). Funny how you criticize my trip to NYC as a photo-op, and Im just a regular guy, but yet you dont criticize Bush's photo-op when he was at the Sarasota school on 9/11 AFTER BEING TOLD OF THE ATTACKS----AND HES THE FUCKING PRESIDENT!! You're a disgrace to this country and to the human race.