Monday, November 27, 2006

Charles Rangel thinks he owns you

Congressman backs a public-service draft

Chicago Sun Times
November 26, 2006

If Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel gets his way, everyone in America will be the government's slave for two years. He doesn't call it "slavery." He calls it a "draft." But if you look closely at what he's demanding, it's not just military service. It's all-purpose involuntary servitude:

Rangel says having a draft would not necessarily mean everyone called to duty would have to serve. Instead, "young people [would] commit themselves to a couple of years in service to this great republic, whether it's our seaports, our airports, in schools, in hospitals," with a promise of educational benefits at the end of service.

So Charles Rangel's position is:

1. Everyone in America should be forced by law to work for the government (or for someone approved by the government) for two years -- either for no pay or for minimal pay.

2. The two years of work should be demanded, not due to any national emergency of any kind, but as a political stunt to influence national policy. A draft, he says, would deter politicians from launching wars.

3. In service of this political stunt, people should be forced to work at wherever the government dictates -- even for what should be private employers like hospitals, seaports and airports.

In other words, Rangel advocates two years of involuntary servitude -- also known as slavery -- for every adult in America.

Serve two years in slavery, and then you'll be freed to do what you want with your own life. (Maybe -- until Rangel comes up with his next political stunt that demands that your freedom be sacrificed.)

Rangel thinks he owns you. He feels perfectly entitled to demand that you drop whatever you are doing anywhere in America -- studying for college, learning a trade, launching a small business, starting a family -- so you can instead devote two full years of your life to promote his political agenda.

Rangel doesn't care what plans anyone may have made for their own life as an adult in the land of the free. His message is: "Welcome to adulthood. Now do whatever the government tells you to."

Of course he's trying to make it sound positive. You'll be "serving" this "great republic!"

Mind you, telling grown men and women what kind of work they will or will not be permitted to do -- and for what compensation, if any -- is not what made this republic great.

But you'll be "serving" in "hospitals!" or maybe "seaports!" or maybe "airports!"

Hey, America's farmers could use a little help! We always have a shortage of farm workers, remember? Who knows? Maybe you'll even be allowed to "serve" in the Congress of this great republic and polish Charlie Rangel's shoes!

See, central planners in the government know better than you do what are good uses of your time.
It's communism lite. It's the two-years-of-your-life plan. Big Brother will tell you what types of work are worthy and unworthy.

Want to work in a hospital for little or no pay? OK! Want to work at your uncle's hardware store for a fair wage instead? Or at your dad's veterinary clinic? Not OK.

Want to work at an airport doing whatever the government says? OK. Want to get married and start your family? Nope. Want to start your career as an auto mechanic, or hair stylist, or librarian? Not OK. What do you think this is -- a free country? Want to help discover a cure for cancer? What are you, a wise guy?
Want to be a teacher's aide? Big Brother says OK. Want to just stay in college and work toward your degree? No way, Buster. Put those plans on hold.

And if you won't cooperate with our plan for the first two years of your adult life, we could always send you to "camp."

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